Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Bandouliere Review

Those of you who have been following me for some years know that my first luxury handbag purchase was also my biggest handbag regret and that was my Louis Vuitton Speedy 35. The bag was just too big for me and with it being strictly top handle ended up not being used as much as I would’ve liked.  I’ve learned over the years I’m definitely a cross body handbag type of girl so a few weeks back when I purchased the Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Bandouliere I was beyond ecstatic! This is the bag I’ve had my eyes on for quite some time and had wished I would’ve purchased it oppose to the Classic Speedy.

Thinking of all the things I love in my closet, this handbag is definitely a top 5 ( you would’ve seen it in my A Handbag for Every Occasion video) As stated I’ve owned this bag for maybe a little over a month and have continuously used only this bag since the day I picked it up and have absolutely no plans of switching out of it any time soon. Many people look at the Damier Azur print as a Spring/Summer look however I think living in Florida I’m able to wear this handbag year round and I absolutely plan to!


I chose to purchase this handbag in the Damier Azur Canvas (all my Louis Vuitton SLG’s are the classic monogram) because I felt it was a brighter look and unexpected. Most LV bags I tend to see are Damier Ebene and the Classic Monogram and although I can absolute appreciate the carefree lifestyle that comes with those two canvas prints something about the Damier Azur had me drawn in.  I will say I originally had my heart set on the Monogram (much like my Classic Speedy 35) however I wanted something a little different! The canvas is nice and slouchy (Jeff thinks this makes the bag look old and used but he just doesn’t know the Louis Vuitton Speedy) making it nice and comfortable to wear cross body and on the shoulder.


I will say the only negative to the Damier Azur is that I have heard the lighter colors can suffer from color transfer ( lucky for me I don’t wear to much denim so I haven’t noticed any color transfer onto my bag). I’m very carefule to ensure I keep opened pens and things of that sort away from my bag because it would be much easier to see on the Damier Azur than on the Monogram or Damier Ebene.


After having the Speedy 35 for so many years I quickly realized I did not want a bag of that size again however I was stuck between wanting a Speedy 25 or a Speedy 30 B and I think YouTube Gals like Jerusha Couture, Minks4All and Jessie Pinkston helped me decide on moving forward with the 25! truthfully I’m not carrying too much in my bag on a daily basis just my necessities and the bigger the bag the more useless stuff I throw into it!   Being 5’8” and always fluctuating between 115 lbs and 125 lbs (depending on the amount of stress) I thought perhaps the 25 would look a bit small but after trying the bag on it was actually perfect! I ended up purchasing the Speedy 25 and I can truly say unlike my first Louis Vuitton Speedy purchase, I have ZERO regrets!

I’d say the 25 is the perfect size for both a shoulder bag and a cross body bag all with the plus of being able to be used as a handheld (with the straps detached). Another plus is that because the bag is smaller there isn’t as much of a need for a bag shaper or organizer because they smaller bag doesn’t have that bottom sag as much as the larger bags do.  I will say however because the bag is smaller the opening is also smaller making it difficult depending on your angle to get in and out of the bag.  My Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Pouch fits inside the bag perfectly but taking it out has to be done at an angle.  This is minuscule to me as my love for the handbag surpasses any struggle of getting in and out of it.


Once thing I’ve learned about myself in the last 4 years or so is that I am a Cross Body Handbag type of Girl through and through and I love luxury. What can I say! This bag has  a style that can be worn casually or dressed up, it can really be used for any occasion – it has become my every day bag and will also be my traveling bag (so perfect for running though airports!)  As Is aid, the fact that it can used handheld, cross body and as a shoulder bag (with an adjustable strap) makes it all the more appealing over the classic speedy.

My List of Pros and Cons


  • Canvas Leather (I don’t mind getting caught in the rain) althgouh the wear wills how in the handles and strap I love the worn in look of a patina)
  • Versatile! a handbag that can worn 3 ways
  • It’s the perfect size for any height and shape!


  • Damier Azur may show color transfer
  • Small opening

My Final Thoughts

Many people may read this and say to themselves spending that amount of money on a handbag is absolutely absurd, I totally get that – but if there’s something you really want (and you’ve wanted for a long time) then treat yourself and get it. It may be crazy to say that a handbag is perfect but this bag is my perfect bag!

The look and versatility to me is everything I could’ve wanted. I can truly say I would absolutely purchase this handbag again in the Damiere Ebene and the Classic Monogram.




Orlando Guide; A Local’s Guide to the Best Restaurants

It’s no secret that I have an entire Instagram Highlight dedicated to Orlando and the many food adventures Jeff and I have here on a weekly basis. Every time I post a story with some new food I get about a million DMs asking what  I’m eating and where so I figured why not just put it all together in one spot!

I’m going to keep it real with you guys, Orlando is a melting pot when it comes to food and you can get ANYTHING here. From BBQ to Southern Cuisine, Sushi and Baos to Tapas and Ceviche we have everything but today is all about sharing my personal favorites with you guys and I’m breaking it down into 3 Categories; Brunch, Lunch&Dinner and Happy Hour because, I mean with these we’re covering ALL Basis!



The Stubborn Mule – Downtown Orlando (Residential)

Honestly, this might be my favorite brunch spot hands down, just know you need to make your reservation a week in advance because people come here and DO NOT leave! If you’re lucky enough to get a table outside I’d say snag it because the live entertainment mixed with the great weather and food makes for the perfect brunch set up. If you’re like me everything is instagrammable and you’ll be snapping photos with a bottomless mimosa in hand always.


What do I get? The Cloud Nine Sandwich with an egg of course! House smoked Pastrami with melted Swiss and Dill Havarti cheese topped with Mule Hash in an Asiago bagel (YUM)

Artisan’s Table – Downtown Orlando Church St

Nestled on Church St. (it’s new, much larger location) this restaurant is in the midst of the downtown historic landmarks, It’s right across from the old train stop! I have only 1 complaint about this restaurant and some might see it as a good thing. Because it’s a scratch kitchen and holds an ever-changing menu – when you find something you really love it might be gone in 2 weeks.  I’ve experienced this let down first hand HOWEVER there’s always something on the menu you’re bound to love, trust me.  The locals love it here especially for a boozy brunch, if you’re heading there on a Saturday don’t worry about a wait but on a Sunday you might want to call ahead!

What do I get? I’m all about the Breakfast Veggie Bowl – tri colored potatoes, scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese and onions and peppers! I could eat it every day.

Avenue – Orange Avenue

Orange Avenue is the hub of Downtown Orlando , nestled right in between lounges and nightclubs, Avenue is a great brunch spot with a DJ and a patio overlooking Orange Avenue (not much of a site but still fun to people watch) This place has a popping vibe and is always packed with tons of young, fun people.

What do I get? I’m all about the Chicken and Waffles and a Frose’ or 3. If you’re looking to get a frose’ make sure you don’t have a first thing in the morning reservation – it takes a few hours for the machine to get going.  I would absolutely recommend a boozy brunch with a big group here and the chicken and waffles for sure.




Pig Floyd’s – Mills 50 District

Honestly, this is probably one of my favorite lunch spots in Orlando.  Jeff and I always sit on the patio under the market lights and just take in all that Mills has to offer.  I’d consider this area the eclectic part of Orlando and I love every bit of it.  Pig Floyd’s is a BBQ spot with an edge.  Brisket Bahn Mi Sandwiches, Mongolian Beef Bento Boxes, BBQ Tacos, I mean this place is killing it, so much so that they opened up a new location in Lake Nona within the last year.

pig floyds

What do I get? For about a year I was all about the Brisket but recently I’ve found myself craving the Mongolian beef Bento Box more and more, served with white rice, black beans and coleslaw I’m hooked and you will be too!

Café Tu Tu Tang – International Drive

Talk about a vibe, Café Tu Tu Tango is a tapas style restaurant with a crazy, colorful and eclectic vibe. The walls are absolutely covered in buyable art, there’s music, a tarot card reader (not my thing) and a killer menu.  Café Tu Tu Tango is the kind of place you come for lunch when you need a pick me up and its definitely the place you book for a fun dinner with friends.  The menu has something for everyone and the drinks are everything you would want!

What do I get? Typically this isn’t a one item type of thing (TAPAS style remember?) I’m all about the Short Rib Lettuce Wraps, Shrimp and Grits, Crispy Chicken Sliders and the Southwestern Eggrolls, all with a Sangria of course

BARTACO – Dr. Phillips

Jeff and I find ourselves at Bartaco often and for good reason! With a very beachside vibe this taco place is one that you can find yourself in for hours.  It’s a place with everything from bowls to tacos (both vegetarian and not!) Something for everyone for sure!

What Do I get? Usually 3 tacos is all I need and I always get a Chicken Pastor, a Portobello Mushroom and a Mojo Pork Carnitas with a side of Plantains of course and a Pomegranate Limonada to wash it all down!



Earl’s Kitchen & Bar – Millenia

I love Earl’s for happy Hour – the specials change daily and the patio is my go to spot! Happy Hour is Monday – Friday 3PM – 7PM and Sunday – Friday 9PM to close. The staff is young and the crowd is sexy and this place Is perfect for a girl’s night happy hour!  You’ll find yourself throwing back drinks and laughing all afternoon long!

What do I get? The Garlic truffle fries, the Dynamite Roll and of course a Moscow Mule or a Mojito!

The Guesthouse – Mills 50 District

Now depending on where you enter, this bar will give you two very different vibes. If you come in from the front you’re entering a very sexy bar more than likely l filled with people in their after work attire.  Serving Old Fashions, Tim Collins and more drinks of that sort with a very dimmed lighting situation you’ll definitely have a good time, if you enter form the back you’ll see Mills locals (and their adorable pups) sitting in the back patio by the airstream (which serves drinks) and Guac from the next door Black Rooster Taco spot! Another local fav!

What do I get? I’m all about a Moscow Mule and when I’m at The Guesthouse that’s my drink of choice!

Mather’s Social Gathering – Downtown Orlando

If you’re into that old time, vintage feel then Mather’s is a must go for you. Situation on the third floor of what was a furniture store in the 1900’s, this dark and sexy bar is hidden and beautifully decorated.  The live music will take you to another world and the dress code keeps things little less casual but still extremely comfortable! Be sure to check out the house rules before checking out the bar!

What do I get? The Mather’s Lemonade is my go to! Anything with bourbon and fresh mint I’m down to try and I like to pair that with the Cheeseboard (who doesn’t love a good cheeseboard?)


What Orlando Local’s Guide do you want to see next!


8 Pieces for Your Perfect Summer Wardrobe

Lately I’ve been listening to one of my favorite podcast The Simple Sophisticate nonstop and recently she’s brought out an archived episode, dedicated to curating the perfect wardrobe (dressing like a Parisian). I decided with Summer on the horizon why not give you all my take on the 8 pieces you need in your Summer Wardrobe to create a number of looks for any occasion in the warmer weathered days!  If you’re interested in cultivating the perfect Summer Wardrobe then keep reading and be sure to tell me what pieces you agree with and what you think I might be missing!


The White T Shirt

You might look at this first piece and think perfect, I can run to my closet Forever 21 and snag one of these for $5 but that’s not what I’m talking about. Always remember quality over quantity.  You may not want to go out and spend $25 on a plain white t shirt but this is a piece that you’re going to wear much more than you think you will and with wash after wash you don’t want a piece that will wear and you’ll end up having to buy time over time.  Take a moment and do research, creating a wardrobe of quality pieces is truly an investment, so invest in a great quality white T Shirt.

brooklyn blonde white t

Photo; Brooklyn Blonde – Helena Glazer

here, here and here

Cropped Denim

The perfectly tailored denim jean is a piece that will be great in your wardrobe and not just for Summer! This is a piece that you can wear on any occasion and any time of day.  dressed up with a heel or dressed down with a sneaker or sandal, a non-distressed nice fitted denim jean is a must for every wardrobe.

cropped jean

Photo; Something Navy – Arielle Charnas

here, here and here

A Maxi Dress

The Maxi dress is the perfect Summer wardrobe staple. There’s going to be days where you truly just don’t want to feel bothered putting together a look and the maxi dress is for those days.  Pair your maxi with a statement earring and a sandal and you’re on your way!  Light and airy, this wardrobe piece is one that will get wear again and again but definitely a piece you don’t have to play it safe with so don’t get a black or white maxi, have some fun and be bold with color and print.

maxi dress

Photo; Emma Hill

here, here and here


I personally am a fan of the shoulder which automatically makes me a fan of the shoulder bearing top! Perfect for Summer, the camisole can be paired with jeans, shorts and skirts, day or night! The right camisole (with just a hint of lace) can make even the most casual jeans just a bit more sexy for your day to day life.

fashion jackson

Photo; Fashion Jackson

here, here and here

A Pleated Midi Skirt

I’ve found that I wear a pleated midi skirt in every season but especially in Summer. With all the solid colors and the prints you can now find this is another Summer wardrobe staple that can be worn in almost any way.  Paired with that white t shirt and sneakers or a camisole and a low heel, the pleated midi skirt a most certainly a wardrobe staple!

midi skirt

Photo; Carrie Bradshaw Lied – Kathleen Barnes

here, here and here

White Button Down

Okay Ladies, I’m not referring to the stiff white button down you’re wearing to work under your blazer. For Summer, I would suggest a white button down to wear with shorts during the day or even at night to dinner.  In my closet you’ll find 2 a linen white button down (perfect for those super-hot Summer days) and a silk button down – the perfect light button down for those evenings where you want something just a tad bit heavier that still sits on the skin nicely.


Photo; Song of Style- Aimee Song

here, here and here

A Sandal

During the Summer season when I’m not at work I’m almost always in a flat sandal (I prefer a brown leather). Sam Edelman is my favorite designer for this because not only are the sandals extremely comfortable but they’re cute too.  I find that I pair my brown sandals with EVERY outfit and they would be perfect with that cropped denim and white t shirt or the pleated midi and camisole.


Photo; KatTanita

here, here and here

The Sneakers

There’s no denying there’s something cool about sneakers and something even cooler about the girl who not only pairs them with her Summer dress but pulls it off! Of course sneakers are a basic wardrobe piece that add comfortability and coolness to every look. I’d go with the simple sneaker, keep it casual and don’t get too fancy!


Photo ; Kerrently  – Courtney Kerr

here, here and here

What pieces are you dying to have in your wardrobe?


Orlando Guide; 72 Hours in Orlando

I wanted to bring this post out for all of you who are like me! Not exactly into Disney and just wanting to hangout, drink, eat and experience some pretty cool spots! (all while taking Instagram photos of course!) 72 Hours in Orlando? I’m bringing you the ultimate guide on what to do! Orlando has always been a top tourist destination , with Disney here why wouldn’t it be but that’s not exactly my idea of fun and if you’re anything like me (and that’s most of you reading this) it’s not your idea of fun either!  Let’s get right into this!


I’ve always been a hotel kinda girl ( I mean I work for the largest hotel management company in the world) but lately I’ve found myself getting more and more into the Airbnb thing! Although the amenities you get with a hotel and the no fuss service are great it’s always a little nicer having your own kitchen and your own space – I’m all about finding a house on Airbnb and would highly suggest it! In terms of travel and getting around Uber is everywhere and if you’re staying in and only planning on exploring one area a car isn’t necessary but I would suggest waying your options between using Uber and renting a car – with all the different neighborhoods Orlando has to offer, you’ll find yourself all over the city for some fun!

Below are some Airbnb’s I would suggest in the city! Take a look


upscale loft

Eco-Friendly Backyard Bungalow + Pool + Downtown

eco friendly

Atmospheric Studio in the Garden


The Shed in Downtown Orlando

the shed



Head to Pig Floyd’s Urban Barbarkoa in the Mills 50 District for some local BBQ with an edge.  I can confidently say there isn’t one thing on the menu that you’d regret, especially if you love that essence of BBQ as much as me!  My mouth is watering as I think bout the Mongolian Beef BBQ Bento Box!

Locals Tip; be sure to get a seat on the patio! people watching as locals walk by is always fun!


This one is for those who are as into the Instagrammable spots as I am.  Since you’re already in the Mills 50 District take the self guided walking art tour.  By self guided I mean take some time to explore the different neighborhoods that Mills has to offer and they many murals along the way! The district has a listing of all murals and locations to make planning a little easier.


Locals Tip; Stop at ROYALTEA and be sure to get the Royal Fruits Tea – it’s unlike anything you’ve had and so refreshing for a hot day

Next up head to Leu Gardens, since you’re already in the area this course be a nice little walk.  Leu Gardens is Orlando’s tropical and semi-tropical gardens on nearly 50 acres of land at Leu Garden you’ll see and be able to take photos with hundreds of species of flowers and plants and the many exhibitions they typically have on the grounds. Walking your way through the gardens should take at least 2 hours.

Local’s Tip; The trails are easy to walk so sneakers aren’t a necessity


For Dinner, go to The Stubborn Mule on the residential side of Downtown Orlando.  I know you’ve been dying to get to Downtown Orlando and this spot is situated just between some of the most beautiful condo buildings Orlando has to offer!  Not just does The Stubborn Mule have the best patio on the east side of Rosalind but the menu is killer as well! I absolute recommend the Pastrami Press, You won’t regret it and if you’re planning on spending the night drinking you’re definitely going to appreciate this large sandwich!

Local’s Tip; Either get there after happy hour ends or call in the morning to put in your reservation


I’m going to give you a peek into what Downtown Orlando has to offer!  Everything you could possibly want to do regardless of your vibe and music choice can be done in Downtown Orlando! Friday night I highly recommend Wall St. Plaza for the Friday Night Block Party.  The crowd is mixed and you can definitely put together a cute outfit.  The fun thing about Wall St. is you get a wristband and the entire street is blocked off- that wristbands gets you into every bar on the street! The live entertainment these bars have to offer are perfect for the group who likes to dance. Wall St Plaza consists of Cantini, Waitiki, The Monkey Bar, The Hen House, Hooch and Shine!

Local’s Tip; If you plan on partaking in the $4 Fireball shots you’re going to want to head to Tin & Taco on Washington St. after or stop at 1 of the many food trucks around Downtown.



You’re probably still a little drunk from the many $4 Fireball shots you had last night so 10/10 you’re wanting breakfast! Head to Church St. and check out Artisan’s Table for a Croughnut or if you’re like Jeff the Fried Chicken Biscuit (it’s literally the size of my head).



Since you’re already on Church St. I’d take some time to walk around the area and explore what Downtown Orlando has to offer during the day.  You can find all the stories about which Downtown buildings are haunted and why/how!  The architecture of some of those older Downtown Orlando buildings is amazing and the photos you can take will be envy worthy for sure!

Local’s Tip; Check out the Roger’s Building, the old time green building is a great backdrop for photos!

I’d say hop in your Uber and head over to Hannibal Square/Park Avenue, one of the smaller and of course super beautiful neighborhoods in Winter Park. You absolutely have to do some shopping while you’re in the area in local shops like TUNI, SOULTRE BOUTIQUE and DEAR JANE.

Winter Park has some pretty amazing bars and restaurants but while walking through Hannibal Square and Park Avenue be sure to stop in The Wine Room – You can load a card with as much money as you want and stop at the many wine machines for tasting! You have to try the pre Brie Flatbread while you’re here!


Orlando seriously has so many amazing options for dining it’s pretty ridiculous but for a Saturday Night Dinner I’d say check out ICON Park and Tapa Toro to be exact!  The Tapas Bar and Paella Pit will draw you in on smell alone. Whether you want chicken or steak or maybe just some small plates – this spot has something for everyone!


You’re already on International Drive, so while you’re at ICON Park just walk on over to Cafe 34 Istanbul and wind down with some hookah and some drinks. Open 24 hours you can stay along as you’d like!

Local’s Tip ; The Orlando EYE is at ICON Park on is constantly changing colors – makes for the perfect Orlando Instagram shot



On Sunday you absolutely must head over to the Lake Eola Farmer’s Market, Not only are all the local artisans out and about selling their products but there’s a range of food trucks too! You can find yourself getting lost in the Farmer’s Market but I typically find myself gathering around the Tamale Co. Food Truck and the OverRice Food Truck after a late morning of checking out what the artisans have created!

Local’s Tip ; Head across the street to Eola Wine Co for a Mimosa Flight.  Who doesn’t want 4 half champagne flutes (orange, pineapple, cranberry and peach) and a whole Champagne flute of your favorite flavor!



Before you head back home let’s end the weekend at one of my personal fav spots! The Guesthouse.  Not only s the bathroom lined with the most perfect Instagram worthy wall paper, the back patio bar is an airstream!  While you’re enjoying the great weather on the patio with locals and their pups under market lights you’re drink is being mixed by a mixologist in the airstream.  If you’d rather sit inside you’ll see a magnificent bar in the middle of a large space with seating all around!

Local’s Tip;  The drinks on this menu are the perfect mixology dream so order the Old Fashion at least once!

There you have it! Your 72 Hour Orlando Guide from an actual Orlando Resident. I would love to hear if you’re coming to Orlando for the first time or if you’ve been here before and what you have planned! I hope my guide was a big help!


5 Destinations for Your Girl Gang This Summer

I’m just going to keep it real with you all, I love living in Orlando, it’s almost as if we have the vacation weather that so many only dream about all year long but walking out of my office in by the pool everyday just reminds me that although you live in a vacation destination YOU ARE NOT on vacation! One thing I’m looking forward to is hopping in a car or on a plane and meeting my best girlfriends for some quality time, some great food and drinks and of course time to explore!  I’ve put together some destination that I think you and your gal pals should definitely check out this Summer!


For Some Fun in the Sun– Sarasota,FL  

South of Tampa, Sarasota is a town known for the countries number one beach Siesta Key and much more!  Grab yourself a room at the Modern Sarasota and explore this quaint little town with your girl gang.  Relax beachside all day, and do dinner and drinks on Main St. in one the many known restaurants, Sarasota is a town where as long as you’re right on the main strip you can walk or rent a bike and go everywhere you need.


Photo; The Sarasota Modern

For Some Historic Exploration – Savannah, GA

Savannah and it’s many “Instagrammable” spots are drawing in more and more people each year and I’m sure I know why.  If the cemetery tour isn’t really your thing, it’s always a fun time to get dressed up with your girls and take a horse drawn carriage into town for some of the best restaurants and drinks and of course pictures!


For Some Good Ole’ Spice – New Orleans, LA

Now I know you’re probably thinking Mardi Gras? Really but absolutely not – I would probably never do Mardi Gras with a group of girls but for random long weekend in June? Absolutely! Beyond the beignets and spicy foods you’ll find on every corner, the live music on Frenchman’s Street  and the round the clock nightlife is reason enough to head down to New Orleans with your girlfriends. 

 new orleans


For a Big City Adventure – New York City, NY

66 Perry St. New York, NY – if this isn’t reason enough to take a girls trip to the big NYC then I don’t know what is and for those of you who haven’t stopped reading to Google, that is Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment!  Yes it’s available for photos, but seriously, This Summer and every Summer warrants a trip to New York.  The many coffee shops, the shopping, the delis and so much more make this a destination desirable to many.  New York is a great city to explore and of course eat your way through at the same time.


For Wine and Cheese Everyday – Napa Valley , CA

With the Napa Valley Wine Train, (a vintage locomotive running through the valley and stopping at restaurants along the way, Napa Valley definitely made my list of Summer Get Away Destinations for your girls trip. If your girl gang is the type that likes to try different wines and pairings then Napa Valley is definitely for you! Who doesn’t enjoy wine tasting with their best gal pals.

Where are you and your girls vacationing this Summer?