Lets Talk Luxury Handbags

Clearly handbags are on my mind this week and as much as I love them, why wouldn’t they be? One thing that I find myself always drifting to whether on Instagram, Youtube or Pinterest is luxury handbags; I have a handbag Collection saved on my Instagram, I’m constantly watching Bag Reviews and What’s in my Bag videos on Youtube and let’s not get started on the hundreds of pins I have saved on my Pinterest.

I thought why not share my luxury handbags with you all! Although my collection is quite small I am proud of the bags I do have and I’m so excited to share them with you, so if you’re as into handbags as I am then keep reading!

The Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Bandouliere

For my full review on this bag check out Tuesday’s post but I can say this was a dream bag of mine for years and when I finally got my hands on one I exclusively wore it for a year. The bag current retails for $1,610.00 and can be purchased at any Louis Vuitton store and online.

The Yves Saint Laurent Lou Lou Toy Bag

Another bag I had my eye on for far too long. The YSL Lou Lou Toy bag is the perfect simple and understated crossbody! It is separated into 2 compartments and hosts 3 card slots so a card holder/wallet isn’t necessary. The strap is no adjustable but at 5’8″ I’m happy with where the bag falls on my body. This bag currently retails for $1,190.00

The Vintage Fendi Zucchino Bag

This particular bag I was not searching for at all but I will say I am a total Carrie Bradshaw and have always had a love for Fendi. When I got my last job I wanted to reward myself with a little something and my good friend Jill the Vintage Director for Dillard’s Luxury Department had this baby for less than $300. There’s something so timeless about the Fendi Zuca print and when I saw this bag I knew I needed it!

The Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Buci Shoulder Bag

So I did snag this gorgeous bag out of my mother’s closet! Back in 2014 this bag caught her eye on the Bag Borrow Steal website and she purchased it only to have it sit in her closet until about 3 weeks ago! When I was helping her organize her closet I saw it and just loved it so she let me take it and it is now the newest member of my luxe handbag collection. I do not have the amount this bag was purchased for but in looking on some second hand retail sites it averages at between $450.00 and $800.00 depending on the condition of course.

The Yves Saint Laurent Monogram Matelasse Leather Wallet on Chain

This is truly the perfect bag for a handsfree, necessities only kind of day. The WOC comes with a removable cross body chain strap and has an abundance of card slots. There is also space for a lippie and keys (depending not the size) This is certainly not the bag for a day when you need to carry tons of things but for an evening out or a day running errands I’d say its perfect! This bag retails at $1,390.00

The Louis Vuitton Florentine Belt Bag

By now you know I love a good handsfree situation when it comes to a handbag. I snagged this belt bag years ago from a local consignment shop here in Orlando and I’m literally obsessed with it, A bag like this instantly elevates any look. Looking through secondhand retail sites, I can see this handbag is currently averaging at between $400.00 and $1800.00 again depending on the condition.

To all my handbag gals, what’s your favorite handbag right now?

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