Combat Boots for Every Budget

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A few weeks ago while galavanting through the mall one weekend I stumbled upon the greatest find of the year! Literally, I was perusing the sale rack in Bloomingdales and found 1 Dolce Vita Croc Embossed Paxtyn Hiker Boot and was instantly obsessed, especially for the $80 price point I got them at! Funny to say when I brought the boot to the counter the other couldn’t be located. I left my number with the Sales Associate and soon after got a call that they found the boot and they were mine! Now I haven’t been able to stop wearing them!

The combat boot is a timeless shoe, its been around for decades and whether you’re into a croc embossed look or a Doc Marten (got my first pair in middle school) they will always be fashionable! Lately I’ve seen so many options out there from Sam Edelman to All Saints that have caught my eye and I know you’ll love them too!

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