Once a Bendel Girl, Always a Bendel Girl

It’s no secret that the highlight of my 2017 was becoming an official brand ambassador for the beloved Henri Bendel brand and like so many girls around the world I was left heart broken when the company announced it would be shutting it’s doors.

Over the years I have curated quite the collection of handbags and many of those handbags are Henri Bendel!  I thought with having recently been getting messages about if I’ll be selling any bags from my collection and just about my collection in general that I would share some photos showcasing my Bendel bags! If you’re a Bendel Girl and interested in my collection, then of course keeping reading!

LRG_DSC05375lrg_dsc05275IMG_4058img_2739LRG_DSC04417LRG_DSC04121outfit 2




Sadly, some bags I do not have photos of! But of the collection pictured which are your favs?!

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