8 Pieces for Your Perfect Summer Wardrobe

Lately I’ve been listening to one of my favorite podcast The Simple Sophisticate nonstop and recently she’s brought out an archived episode, dedicated to curating the perfect wardrobe (dressing like a Parisian). I decided with Summer on the horizon why not give you all my take on the 8 pieces you need in your Summer Wardrobe to create a number of looks for any occasion in the warmer weathered days!  If you’re interested in cultivating the perfect Summer Wardrobe then keep reading and be sure to tell me what pieces you agree with and what you think I might be missing!


The White T Shirt

You might look at this first piece and think perfect, I can run to my closet Forever 21 and snag one of these for $5 but that’s not what I’m talking about. Always remember quality over quantity.  You may not want to go out and spend $25 on a plain white t shirt but this is a piece that you’re going to wear much more than you think you will and with wash after wash you don’t want a piece that will wear and you’ll end up having to buy time over time.  Take a moment and do research, creating a wardrobe of quality pieces is truly an investment, so invest in a great quality white T Shirt.

brooklyn blonde white t

Photo; Brooklyn Blonde – Helena Glazer

here, here and here

Cropped Denim

The perfectly tailored denim jean is a piece that will be great in your wardrobe and not just for Summer! This is a piece that you can wear on any occasion and any time of day.  dressed up with a heel or dressed down with a sneaker or sandal, a non-distressed nice fitted denim jean is a must for every wardrobe.

cropped jean

Photo; Something Navy – Arielle Charnas

here, here and here

A Maxi Dress

The Maxi dress is the perfect Summer wardrobe staple. There’s going to be days where you truly just don’t want to feel bothered putting together a look and the maxi dress is for those days.  Pair your maxi with a statement earring and a sandal and you’re on your way!  Light and airy, this wardrobe piece is one that will get wear again and again but definitely a piece you don’t have to play it safe with so don’t get a black or white maxi, have some fun and be bold with color and print.

maxi dress

Photo; Emma Hill

here, here and here


I personally am a fan of the shoulder which automatically makes me a fan of the shoulder bearing top! Perfect for Summer, the camisole can be paired with jeans, shorts and skirts, day or night! The right camisole (with just a hint of lace) can make even the most casual jeans just a bit more sexy for your day to day life.

fashion jackson

Photo; Fashion Jackson

here, here and here

A Pleated Midi Skirt

I’ve found that I wear a pleated midi skirt in every season but especially in Summer. With all the solid colors and the prints you can now find this is another Summer wardrobe staple that can be worn in almost any way.  Paired with that white t shirt and sneakers or a camisole and a low heel, the pleated midi skirt a most certainly a wardrobe staple!

midi skirt

Photo; Carrie Bradshaw Lied – Kathleen Barnes

here, here and here

White Button Down

Okay Ladies, I’m not referring to the stiff white button down you’re wearing to work under your blazer. For Summer, I would suggest a white button down to wear with shorts during the day or even at night to dinner.  In my closet you’ll find 2 a linen white button down (perfect for those super-hot Summer days) and a silk button down – the perfect light button down for those evenings where you want something just a tad bit heavier that still sits on the skin nicely.


Photo; Song of Style- Aimee Song

here, here and here

A Sandal

During the Summer season when I’m not at work I’m almost always in a flat sandal (I prefer a brown leather). Sam Edelman is my favorite designer for this because not only are the sandals extremely comfortable but they’re cute too.  I find that I pair my brown sandals with EVERY outfit and they would be perfect with that cropped denim and white t shirt or the pleated midi and camisole.


Photo; KatTanita

here, here and here

The Sneakers

There’s no denying there’s something cool about sneakers and something even cooler about the girl who not only pairs them with her Summer dress but pulls it off! Of course sneakers are a basic wardrobe piece that add comfortability and coolness to every look. I’d go with the simple sneaker, keep it casual and don’t get too fancy!


Photo ; Kerrently  – Courtney Kerr

here, here and here

What pieces are you dying to have in your wardrobe?


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