What’s Mine is Yours


There comes a time in every women’s life where she takes those pieces she’s been hoarding in her closet for a decade and gloves them to her daughter!  Well This white laced dress is a staple in my closet and will definitely be my go to this Summer and I have my mother to thank for that.  I often look at pictures from my mother growing up and think why didn’t you keep that for me, from dresses to skirts and even accessories; she has such great pieces that I sometimes take but am mostly given.

I’m not quite sure when my mother purchased this dress but it’s the perfect Summer look! I often pair it with my converse but it’s perfect for a Sunday morning at church with heels and even with a sandal, Ladies I’ve even worn this dress to the beach over my favorite swimsuits. I will definitely be living in this dress this Summer and I can’t wait to ransack my mother’s closet to see what else I can take!