Wedding Wednesday ; Color Schemes for Your Big Day

Before Jeff actually proposed to me I had tons of different ideas in my mind of what my wedding would look like.  From colors, and venues to florals and more; there’s so many scenarios I can picture.  Now that I have the perfect venue locked down I can officially put together a look via the color scheme. Before choosing a venue I struggled with blush and green in a rustic wedding venue, black and white in a classic and glamour filled venue, and even red for pops for color.  The decision is really a difficult one that requires a lot of thought, after all we’ll have to look at these photos for the rest of our lives (as I keep telling Jeffery) As many colors and “themes” as you like it really boils down to one simple thing, you have to love what you choose and make decisions based on what speaks to you. You have to take in to account many things when choosing the perfect color scheme for your big day; venue of course, time of year and day and of course the personal style both you and your fiancé want. I’ve decided to put together some color schemes for you all to see, things I love and one of these is my perfect look, can you guess which one it is?

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 9.48.28 AM

I love the romanticism that comes with a blush and gold color palette.  Blush is such a feminine color and when mixed with gold brings in an our of love that is undeniable beautiful.  When choosing a blush color palette it’s important to keep in mind that you want blush not tickle me pink! Trust me the colors will look similar however will certainly have a major difference.  Tickle Me Pink is your little sisters bedroom while blush is your wedding! I think blush is the perfect color for an outdoor, whimsical wedding.  In my mind I envision a garden wedding, lace and beauty!

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 9.48.43 AM

Red is certainly a WOW color but if you’re not careful it’s one of those colors that can be to much.  I love the idea of a wedding that has pops of red as the focal point, red suit jackets for the groomsman and even red dresses for the bridesmaids, a red shoe for the bride and of course red florals and/or napkin at the table setting.  You have to find the right area to add your pop of red and be cohesive in our color choices.  When done the right way, a red color scheme can be the perfect choice for a ballroom or outdoor, evening wedding!

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 9.48.55 AM

I die for a gold and green wedding color scheme! I mean how Boho Chic is the idea of green! Before I had my perfect venue I played with the idea of a garden wedding, minimal flowers (peonies, garden roses etc) and a ton of greenery, I love how simple and chic a Gold and Green color scheme can be. Green can be incorporated into your wedding scheme in so many ways; from beautiful bridesmaids dresses to greenery and succulents.  Green at first thought is a very Rustic feel but can be easily taken to glamour!

Screen Shot 2018-04-22 at 9.48.01 AM

I am beyond in love with a black and white color scheme for a wedding with pops of gold.  I feel it’s so classic and screams glamour, especially in a venue that has old hollywood feels.  I think black and white is sleek palette that you can really run with! When I say black and white try not to let your mind wander to the black and white checkered vibe of those 50’s diners because black and white weddings are ultra formal. I have been personally leaning toward a black and white collar scheme and I’m extremely committed to it, you will not find not one piece greenery in the building; just tons of black, white, gold (of course) and perhaps the odd pop here and there of red in the form of a petal or two! When deciding on a black and white color scheme ladies you must stick to it!


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