My Day-time Summer Dress Code

My Summer Dress Code


Happy Thursday Ladies!!  With Summer having officially started last week I thought I’d get my Day Time Summer Dress Code up ( I know I’m a week late ) I’d like to think Summertime is about embracing the heat and having a cool and laid back look while still being a bit trendy!
I’m all about the denim cut off and I think when it comes to a Summer wardrobe every women should be too!  This is a piece that anyone can easily turn into a DIY, grab a pair of jeans, some some scissors, a pair of tweezers and some sand paper! It’s a fun afternoon activity and is way better than pending $50 on a pair of distressed cut offs from Urban Outfitters!
When it comes to tops I think Summer is all about a free, loose and fun top like the stripped cotton candy crop top pictured above from the  It’s loose fitting and the crop and overall style makes for a perfect Summertime casual day look.  Because I’m always all about the footwork I opted to keep the shoes a bit exciting with the lace up, block heel Rebecca Minkoff sandals currently on sale for just $88!  Throw on your favorite pair of hoops, those big, round tinted sunnies and your favorte rossbody and you’re out the door!

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