White on White


This past weekend in Orlando it has been absolutely freezing and by freezing I mean 40’s/50’s, now I’m sure my brother who lives in Wisconsin is probably laughing at my use of the word freezing but hey this is cold for Orlando.  I will say however it’s more so cold early in the mornings, so if you’re out and about in the afternoon it’s a sunny day with a nice breeze and t’s more than likely a comfortable 60 degrees or so.

On Sunday afternoon Jeff and I decided to head out.  I opted for some white denim ( no white after labor day is not a rule in Florida), I added a white sweater because to me, 60 degrees is still cold! If you know me personally you know I’m all about the accessories and I love adding some extra spice to an outfit so I grabbed this fur vest! Although my toes were definitely cold I finished the look with some nude and cream wedges I ordered from Go Jane a few years back and a very large brimmed hat from Old Navy.

I definitely didn’t think I would wear this fur vest again anytime soon – my brother got it for me years ago after I begged him to buy me one but honestly late I’ve found myself drawn to them again.

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