What’s New

Lately I’ve had this growing obsession with skin care.  It’s becoming a slight problem, eye creams and seaweed night creams, Mario Badescu, Burts Bee and so much more, my collection is every growing!  I will say I am absolutely proud of myself for nailing down on a Morning and Night skincare routine!  If you want to see those products then head over to my Instagram Daniellemonee.

This post is dedicated to the new new! I recently purchased two new skin care products and thus far I am loving them!

the new new

The Skin Food Black Sugar Mask is the perfect gritty scrub to exfoliate the face.  As I use this on m face I can literally feel the dead skin being exfoliated away.  Instantly you’re left with a softer feeling face!  With this mask you must be gentle however!  Another purchase of mine was the Pacifica Glow Baby Youthful Face Scrub.  Although the smell of this scrub isn’t as calming as the Black Sugar Mask  his certainly assist in maintaining a youthful glow! With a wet face, move the scrub around in circular motions washing off with warm water! I do a mask 3 times a week and a scrub every other night before bed and I am beyond excited to add these two into the rotation!


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