Get to Know House of DVF’s Chantal Trujillo

I’m pretty sure that any Fashion Girl would love the opportunity to work for the AMAZING Diane Von Furstenburg and for the second time Diane has given a group of women the chance in her E! show House of DVF

House of DVF - Season 2

Although she didn’t win, Chantal Trujillo was a fan favorite from the very beginning.  Known as “the girl who worked for Vogue” I’d say she was definitely a threat yet seemed so sweet and genuine.  I must say in that first episode I thought to myself Oh no! she’s sick please don’t go home!


I was lucky enough to speak with Chantal and learn a little about her, so if you’re interested keep reading!

DM: I’d love if you could tell me a little about you, where you’re from, your inspirations and what you do now.

CT: I am originally from San Diego, California. After graduating High School I moved to San Francisco where I studied International Business at the University of San Francisco. I studied abroad in Milan & stayed the summer to work for an events company, mainly because I didn’t want to go home! I graduated from USF and moved to Barcelona to get my Masters in Fashion Management and Design where I stared working as a stylist & Fashion PR. After living in Barcelona for three years, I moved to New York where I worked as the jewelry assistant at Vogue. After years of experience, I finally found what I loved, Editorial.

DM: I’m interested to know where you’d like to take your career and if you’d like to stay in fashion as well as what it is you see yourself doing within the industry.

CT: Good question! I am passionate about fashion and that is the only thing I see in my future. Accessories have always been my favorite within the industry and I hope to have my own jewelry line in the future. It has always been a dream of mine.

DM: I’d like to know how it was being on a reality show and being among so many great and inspiring people in the industry, especially Diane!

CT: Being on a reality show is a very unique experience. In the beginning it is very draining having cameras around but eventually you don’t even notice they are there! It really is a life changing experience. It is a lot of work and stress packed into a very honest situation. You have to have a thick skin to get through it. You also learn a lot and we were very lucky to be mentored by the industries best. Being around such inspiring people only makes you want to produce your best and be on your best behavior, at least for me that was the case. I cant speak for everyone but I was always very honest, vulnerable and focused.

DM: I see you worked at Vogue! Dream Job Literally!! How was that and what exactly was your position at the magazine?

CT: Yes, Dream Job. I loved working there. I was the Jewlery Assistant and that was truly a dream for me. I loved every moment of it! I got to work with the industries BEST everyday and I was ahead of fashion constantly. Without a doubt my experience at Vogue confirmed that Editorial is where I want to be.

DM: Are there any contestants from the show that you still keep in touch with and what was one of the biggest things you learned from your experience?

CT: Yes, I became very good friends with two of the girls on the show. It was so much easier to have people that you could count on. We really became very close and it was so nice to have that escape. We would sometimes be filming for 12 hours and having good friends around makes it so much easier.  The biggest thing I learned was to continue to stay true to who you are. So many girls tried to change themselves for the brand and that’s not a natural move. I really felt as if I was already a DVF girl and so I felt very comfortable in front of Diane and her team.

DM: Lastly, tell me anything you want readers and watchers’ of the show to know!

CT: I have really gotten such positive responses from everyone on Social Media and I really appreciate everyone taking the time to reach out to me. I am honored that I became a favorite on the show especially since I was truly who I am outside of the show. I believe we are having a hard time in society now with how women respond and view other women. I wish we could all be more conscious in the things we say and do to others. Women are already having enough problems to deal with that we should be sticking together, not pulling each other down. I look forward to spreading positivity and sharing my fashion moments with you all on my instagram @chantaltru and thank you all for the love! xx

After speaking with Chantal it was easily realized how sweet she truly is, she was very easy to speak with, she is such an inspiration!


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