Take Your Black Skirt from Day to Night

Sometimes you may not always have the time to head home from a day out before heading to dinner or out with girlfriends.  This is why I always say keep a pair of killer heels in your car along with a smaller or clutch like purse, and then of course there are those days when you’re so in love with a piece of your outfit that you simply feel you must transition it from day to night and for this look that piece is the flared black skirt.
In the day time look I paired the black skirt with a simple black tank and a Moschino patterned jacket for some fun! Throw on some gold jewelry an some super comfortable and sporty sneakers, grab your cross body bag and you’re ready to head out the door for a day of shopping, errands or some fun! Now when looking at the night look, it’s a very different look yet you’re wearing the exact same Neil Barret black skirt.  I opted to pair the skirt with a Fendi leather top and some Tom Ford heels.  Grab a new purse and throw on some rings and arm candy and you’re ready for the downtown streets!Take Your Black Skirt from Day to Night
Thoughts on transitioning your pieces from day to night?
Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.37.16 AM

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