Smart Shoppers Invests!

As a woman it’s not a secret that many of us have some not so great shopping habits.  One big and maybe the absolute biggest is impulsive buying, we like it so we buy it but that’s not smart shopping! Especially when we’re splurging on pieces that perhaps aren’t so necessary.

There’s no point in paying $500+ on a pair of shoes that aren’t going to be worn past the current season.  Ladies, Don’t shop for the season! When you’re shopping look for quality pieces and invest in longtime pieces!

Sit down and really think about it for a moment, if you’re shopping on a budget and have a set amount to splurge with are you really going to buy those $800 colorful, spiked shoes or invest and a pair of clean and classic black pumps.  The key word here is INVEST and ladies, smart shoppers invest!

“What Pieces Should You Invest In”

Remember neutrals are always perfect pieces to invest in as well as a few key brighter pieces.  If you’re going to buy a blazer I’d say invest in a properly fitted Black, White, Grey and/or Nude blazer oppose to a Cobalt Blue or a Red.  The neutral are investment pieces that will last throughout all seasons and the brighter colors are statement pieces that can be worn with any outfit to add some extra pizazz but don’t necessarily need to be the expensive pieces.  Same with shoes, every shoe should not be a splurge, Pick the classic shoes like a black or nude pump, or a knee high black or brown boot to invest in.  Sandals, sneakers and flats can be interchangeable, I would say invest in one good pair of each but there’s no reason to spend upwards of $100 on every shoe in your closet.

Below are some pieces I feel are completely appropriate to invest in.

Pieces to Invest In
In order from top to bottom
The Trench Coat! Ladies, as Michael Kors has said “Put on a trench, you’re suddenly Audrey Hepburn walking along the Seine, even if you’ve got red hair and you’re five-one.” The trench coat is a very classic piece it adds glamour to every look!
The Little Black Dress! The LBD is the classic basic that should definitely be an investment piece.  It’s a piece that can be taken from the office to a downtown dinner with the change of a shoe and bag.
The Classic White Shirt! This piece is a staple.  A perfectly tailored white shirts gives of a feel of sophistication, whether you have it on with some trousers or a skinny jean and a flat the white shirt always works!
Jeans!  Nothing is worse than a jean that is not properly fitted, unless it’s a boyfriend jean it should not be loose and improperly fitting.  Ladies! it is OK to splurge on denim.  Jeans are certainly investments piece that are suppose to last for years.
The Classic Black Pump and the nude Ballet Flat! Day or Night both of these shoes work and will last for years.  If you’e going to invest in a shoe a black pump and a nude flat are definitely the shoes to invest in. A simple well crafted pump is a heel that flatters all legs and works in all scenarios as with the ballet flats.  Every Chic women NEEDS a pair of ballet flats; they are timeless and definitely chic!
BLAZERS! A perfectly tailored blazer instantly puts every outfit together.  Nothing is more chic than a blazer, whether it’s paired with jeans, trousers or a skirt a blazer can always be on the go to list.
Ladies, the cardigan! This is a piece for every season and it’s perfect in every color! Great for layering and it doesn’t have it be fitted ladies, grab your boyfriends sweater and throw it on with some leggings, a knee high boot, oversized sunglasses and a Chanel quitted bag!
Last but not least a great bag and a great clutch! Listen, the only thing you need is a great quality, roomy leather bag.  You can fit all you need in this big bag and then of course the classic small clutch for those nights downtown when all you need is your ID, money and a lippie.
Ladies I hope this guide to this epics to invest in helps youngest time you shop!
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