Thursday’s Polyvore Play; Friday Nights Out

Thursday's Polyvore Play; Friday Nights Out
Friday Nights Out
There’s nothing like going out on the town with your girlfriends.  Let’s be honest ladies, we all love that Sex and the City moment! Whether you’re Fashion Forward like Carrie, Sexy like Samantha, Conservative like Charlotte or Doing Your Own Thing like Miranda, putting an outfit together is always half the fun.  Today’s Polyvore Play look is definitely a sexy one for a night downtown! Especially for the warmer weather here in Florida.
We’ve taking a black woven high waist short to show off the legs and paired it with a bright red short sleeve loose fitting crop top.  Keep in mind that because the shorts are high waist the crop won’t be showing skin, when you show off one asset (the legs) you play down the others! To further elongate the legs I chose an extremely high black Louboutin; the perfect sexy pump! Paired with a dark red lip, a classic yet edgy black YSL clutch and the little bit of YSL arm candy, this is definitely a dinner and drink downtown with the girls look!
Tell me what you think!

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