Celebrity Spotlight; Whitney Port

“I have to believe in myself, I have to be my biggest advocate or I will crumble.”

–Whitney Port

Introducing Whitney Port, this woman is the MTV reality star, turned Kelly Cutrone in the making turned Author turned Fashion Designer and CEO of Whitney Eve and I am simply obsessed.

whitney celeb spt

With friends like Lauren Conrad and a mentor Like Kelly Cutrone you’re bound to be great because you’re surrounded by people who want to see you do great and are doing great themselves.  Whitney Eve Port was born March 4, 1985 in Los Angeles California.  We know Whitney best as LC’s friend and coworker at Teen Vogue and Kelly Cutrone’s Poeple’s Revolution on MTV’s the Hills.  She then moved to New York where she worked at Diane Von Furstenburg and landed her own MTV Spin off The City which after 2 seasons was cancelled.  In 2008 Whitney Launched her much awaited fashion line Whitney Eve.  The line is definitely the baby that eclectic and feminine had and I absolutely love it.


When I hear Whitney Port I think three things; Great Hair (whether its up or down it’s flawless), A Feminine Boho Style, and the ability to dress edgy and fun!

1. Great Hair

Whether Whitney has her hair flowing in loose waves, up in a goddess braided halo or back in a ponytail it’s effortless, the curls are perfection and every hair that is out of place seems like it’s suppose to be out of place.




2. A Feminine Boho Style

 Whitney knows how to keep it lady like.  She has the ability to take boho styles and make them extremely feminine.  Whether that be the style of her hair to the make up she’s wearing, the jewelry she adds or simply the the outfit itself it works!

fem bo fem boho fem boho 2

3. The Fun Edgy Look

Distressed denim, rocker tees, leather and much more Whitney knows how to keep it fun and edgy she she wants to.  Not everyone has the ability to pull of the somewhat I don’t care, edgy look and actually look good and Whitney does just that with no effort at all!

edge 2 edgy 3 edgy1

How do you feel about Whitney Port and her style? I’d love to know!!


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