De Loaf Feels Godly for Elle Magazine

23 year old Detroit native, rapper Dej Loaf most known for her debut hit “Try Me” can be seen striking a number of poses in Elle Magazine.  Let’s not forget the one line from Try Me that everyone seems to remember “rock that all white when I’m feeling Godly” well thats exactly what she’s feeling in this feature and I’m here for it.


Now in case you don’t exactly know the talented Dej by name let me refresh your memory.  Remember those countless memes about you’re “auntie” winning the lotto? The all white outfit topped with the all white fur coat and white loafers? Well that was Dej Loaf on 106&Park.


Dej Loaf has a very unique style that many love, it’s not just about the all white but she is one who wears what she likes and what makes her feel comfortable.  Looking through the spread you can see her personal style shine through, the looks are mostly made of tomboy pieces which is definitely what her personal style is composed of however she does throw some feminine pieces into the mix which makes for an amazing Elle Magazine spread.  Let’s just say you’ll not only find pants, but you’ll find heels, furs and even dresses.

Check some of the featured photos below





xox Danielle Mone’

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