Fashion Dazee’d

This week’s Fashion Dazee’d of the week is Imani K Simmons, model and student from Miami, Fl.


I had this pleasure of speaking with this beautiful young lady about her take on fashion and her sense of style and I must say you’ll be left just as intrigues as I was!

What are your fashion inspirations?

– I draw a lot of my inspiration from magazines and even the fashion pages of Instagram believe it or not.  There’s beauty in everything and I try to be as open minded as possible when looking at new styles and trends.

How would you describe your personal style?

– Simply put Classic and Chic

What celebrities do you look up to fashion wise?

– Celebrities I look up to fashion wise are Ciara, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kelly Rowland, Beyonce and Rihanna.

What top 5 fashion pieces do you think every womb n should have in their closet?

– Combat boots, Dark wash jeans, Midi rings, a Leather jacket and a flowy top for sure!




Check out her instagram @imaniksimmons and check back next week for our next Fashion Dazee’d

xox Danielle Mone’

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27 years old Orlando based Fashion and Lifestyle blogger

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