Lilly Ghalichi; Much More than the Persian Barbie

Love and be loved. Be a good person, work hard, and enjoy the short time you have in this World. Be thankful for what you have and work harder for what you want. Do NOT concern yourself with what others think of you, especially strangers. If I worried about what every lifeless b*^#% thought of me, I wouldn’t be the boss I am today. Do you honey, stay silent and let your success speak for you.

— Lilly Ghalichi


When I think of Lilly Ghalichi so many things come to mind, fabulous, rich, hot, skinny, rich (LOL) and ridiculously smart!  Yes she’s gorgeous beyond belief but this business woman can teach everyone a thing or two.  Blogger, Entrepreneur, Attorney at Law and Designer this woman wears many hats.


Lilly Ghalichi is all about empowering not only woman and youth but everyone to go after the important tool of education and to be able to take care of themselves.  She even teaches classes all over the country on entrepreneurship.  Now I would love to write an entire post about this business savvy woman and ho to be like her but my main goal today is to talk about her very fashionable life (of course)  The newly engaged Shahs of Sunset season 2 and 3 star is the co-owner and designer for not only 1 but 2 fashion companies.  Have Faith Swimgerie which is a swimwear line that is super sexy and gives the look of lingerie as well as Want My Look which is a fashion retailer that allows people to get the celebrity look at an affordable price! (we Love It)


She’s much more than a designer, Lilly has expanded her ever growing empire and it now includes Lilly Lashes, Lilly hair and the new jewelry collection Lilly Ghalichi Collection of Avitan. Lilly Ghalichi is a fashionista who is living proof that you can be fun, fabulous, gorgeous and be all about your coin!

This Tuesday is all about Lilly Ghalichi

xox Danielle Mone’