Fashion Daze’d of the Day;; Vic Stylez

Today’s Fashion Daze’d feature is our first ever man and boy oh boy is he stylish!  Vic can be followed on instagram at Dapper_Stylez


vic stylez 3

After speaking with this young man about his style and many inspiration he told me he would describe his style as a 2014 Fonzworth Bentley. ( I’m so here for it) Vic says he’s all about style, bright colors and bold prints!  

i enjoy standing out with my fashion which expresses my personality to the fullest!


vic stylez1vic styles 2

Vic says some of his inspirations are of course Pharrell Williams, Fonzworth Bentley and Blake Scott.  

Go on over to Dapper_Stylez on Instagram and show him some love!


remember for your chance to be featured as our Fashion Daze’d of the day email me some photos and a summary of your style and inspirations to or DM me on Instagram @DanielleMonee


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