Don’t Tell Me Women Can’t Wear a Suit

Last night I was having some pizza with a friend when she decided to give me the rundown on suits, from the buttons to the “Godfather” of the suit.  That’s what inspired this post, who says women can’t wear suits?  From fly patterns to bright colors, not everyone likes to keep the classic suit in their closet.


Looking at ladies like Janelle Monae who has taken the classic mens suit and turned it into something so sexy for woman and June Ambrose who takes patterns and colors and stands out in any line up should make everyone woman want at least one suit in their closet.

Let’s check out some ladies that have “borrowed” their look from the boys!!!


The always classic with a little sass Janelle Monae




The bright and fun June Ambrose



Everyone’s favorite girl Beyonce’


The ever soulful Chrisette Michele


What are your thoughts?  Would you wear a suit? and do you think these women are doing it right?