Fashion Fades, Style is Forever

And who knows more about personal style than Solange Knowles? From patterns to solids, births to neutrals and everything else in between she does it best! 


Solange Knowles is a singer, actress,DJ, model, and Fashion ICON, daughter of Matthew and Tina Knowles and little sister to Beyonce’ she’s definitely not living in Yonce’s shadow.  Solange is the fashion It Girl in the eyes of so many, not just the everyday girl who wants to be seen but to the designers and editors all over; you can catch her in the front row of the shows and in the style section of the magazines.  Beyond her eye catching fashion she has also become a natural hair Goddess debuting many different styles for the natural url to try. 

Solange has recently teamed up with Puma on a collaboration (looks like I’m not the only one noticing her fashion)She says of her Girl of Blaze Disc Collection that she wanted to create a collection for the girls like her.  Looking at the sneakers you can definitely see Solange’s personal style with the bold color combinations and the patterns placed within each sneaker.  Solange is quoted saying  “I really wanted to make a collection the spoke to the girl like me, that may not historically be a sneaker chick, but loves style and has fun with fashion.”