Skirt: Cobalt Blue H&M | Top: Cobalt Lace Bralette MadRag | Shoes: Cobalt, Red and Gold stoned Smoker Flat Shoe Connection | Jean Jacket: Anne Taylor by way of Mom’s Closet | Gold Michael Kors Watch | Gold Monogramed D Necklace Stahli Boutique | Purse Red Kate Spade Travel Collection

Whether I’m going to school or going out for the day I absolutely LOVE looking my best, I’m a firm believer of “look good, feel good” and I believe Karla Deras said it best, ” I don’t wear a tut and heels out to get coffee because I want people to look at me I do it because it makes me feel good” Today was one of those ” i feel GREAT” days.

Im a shopper who likes to buy timeless pieces that can be mixd and matched, worn day or night and of course are affordable and this outfit complete embodies that.  The skirt was bought at H&M for a steal of $4.95 and the lace bralette only $5.99.  Typically I wouldn’t pair a top and bottom of the same color together but I felt with the pop of red from the purse and the color combination in the flats it worked! Off to my second case of the day


Posted by:Danielle Mone'

25 years old Orlando based Fashion and Lifestyle blogger

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