Bauble Bar; For the Jewelry Obsessed

Thank You Courtney Kerr of Courtney Loves Dallas 

While watching your show which I’m a huge fan of I was introduced to the Jewelry Heaven known as Bauble Bar.




Starting at just $20 Bauble Bar offers all the best jewelry for any occasion you could imagine from weddings, to a night on the town they have it.  The best part? It isn’t a member only type of website, no account needed to shop!  Another great thing about Bauble Bar? FREE US SHIPPING! no minimum cost either, what’s not to love about the Bauble Bar!

It’s no surprise that in my eyes bigger is usually better and i’m ALL ABOUT a statement piece when it comes to jewelry especially in a necklace.  Below are a few photos of pieces i’m dying for on the Bauble Bar website


xox Danielle Mone’

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27 years old Orlando based Fashion and Lifestyle blogger

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