A Little Bit of Jai and A Lot of Kloset Envy

“I don’t really have a personal style, I just like to wear whatever I feel looks great at an affordable price!”


Those of you who have been following my blog for a while now must remember my very fashion forward, and very versatile Fashion Dazee’d Jai Nice, the beauty from Los Angeles, California.  The woman is very well known for her sexy, relaxed, eye catching style and her platinum blonde hair but what else is she known for? Her online boutique Kloset Envy.  Are you always looking at her instagram page @Jai_Nice and wondering, where does she get these amazing pieces? Kloset Envy of course.




Introducing Jai Nice’s online fashion boutique Kloset Envy, the one stop shop for all your affordable fashion necessities.  From bottoms and tops to shoes, dresses and jumpsuits to swimwear, believe me when I say Kloset Envy has it all! The boutique updates with new arrivals weekly so it’s safe to say every time you log on you’ll be seeing (and I’m sure purchasing) something new! Whether you’re one to stand out and make a statement or dress down and keep it cute and comfy, Kloset Envy has pieces for you.  Going out for dinner, heading to the mall or going downtown shop Kloset Envy! Don’t believe me just take a look!

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What do you think? take a closer look at www.klosetenvy.com and be sure to check out their instagram @klosetenvy_

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Wednesday’s Polyvore Play; 3.11.2015

Lighter days
 Casual Days Downtown
When it comes to casual days us woman still like to look cute! This outfit is just that, whether you’re heading to brunch, shopping with the girls or just strolling through the streets this is an outfit thats comfortable and cute.  And let’s not forget you can always swap out the heels for a cute flat or sandal.  The Boyfriend Jeans says I’m cute, the white t shirt says I’m casual, the sunglasses say I mean business and the necklace is a statement piece that says I am girly and pay attention to details.  The Heels, they speak for themselves! This can easily be a look for less!