Wedding Wednesday; My Bridal Shower


If you would’ve asked me when I was little girl what I wanted my bridal shower to be like I wouldn’t have had a clue but when Jeff and I got engaged in 2017 I knew exactly what I wanted.  This past weekend my Mother and Bridal Party threw me the most beautiful Tea Party themed bridal shower and I couldn’t wait to share it with you guys!  Since being engaged it’s been all about wedding planning, from designing and printing and sending out wedding Save the Dates and Invites to cake tasting and long email threads with vendors but on Saturday it was truly all about me!  Throughout this entire planning process I have never felt more loved! For those guys who don’t know how they got here, the Bridal Shower is the day where close family and friends come together to shower the bride to be in love, laughter and of course gifts! I opted for a girls only Tea Party themed shower and couldn’t be happier with it!


When my mother first came to me about my bridal shower ( I had very little involvement, it was all her, our dear family friend Kesha and my bridal party) we were brainstorming ideas and I immediately knew I wanted a whimsical tea party themed and a room full of tea cups and hats!  We sited and fell in love with the Historic Dubsdread Ballroom right on a golf course and knew it was the perfect location!  The style of the room and the natural light mixed with the brunch menu and the mimosa bar made for everything I wanted in a bridal shower venue!


The tables were draped in white linen with vintage teapots and blooms in the center.  Advice for the bride cards were laid with every napkin ( I enjoyed reading those both allowed and some to myself) and the cake table was covered in vintage teacups and saucers for each girl to choose and of course bring home surrounding the amazing cake! There were photos of Jeff and I scattered throughout the room and the words Tea, Mr and Mrs, and Love strategically placed.  The room was filled with love and laughter from the moment I walked in.


We played some games and had some laughs prior to opening gifts and some toasts from some very amazing woman in the room ( all with mimosas in hand!)

For the favors, My mother and I discussed doing something that the guests would have use for, there’s nothing I hate more than something that will get lost, be thrown away, or just left in a drawer in the house.  My mother’s coworker makes hand soaps and lip balm and she made a great little package for each of my attendees with “Danielle’s Bridal Tea” wrapped around each of them! The each smelled so good and looked so cute in the little baggies! I loved that there was this useful favor for each girl to take along with the vintage tea cup they were able to select earlier in the day!


Overall, I had an amazing day and couldn’t have asked for a more perfect bridal shower.  SO many people assisted in making sure my day was everything I wanted and that I felt loved and I truly appreciate everyone for that! I wanted to say Thank you to not only my Mother Yvonne and our friend Kesha but my beautiful Bridal Party; my Matron of Honor Alyssa, my Maid of Honor Char, my Bridesmaid and little Sister Dominique and my two Bridesmaids Brecha and Imani for all their work in planning this day!  Thank You to everyone for their detiled planning!


Wedding Wednesday ; Organized Wedding Planning

You are my heart's epic adventure

Planning a wedding is an extraordinary experience and being the bride-to-be is so much fun but things can certainly get a bit overwhelming during the wedding planing process. The way I see it – you’re only a bride once in your life so you better make the best of it!  It’ll be the most overwhelming, fun, crazy, new experience and you need to make sure you enjoy it!  I can say that as irritated as I may get with certain aspects of wedding planning, thus far I have thoroughly enjoyed it!  I’m not sure if it’s because I went to the Rosen School of Hospitality for Event Management or because I have a vision of EXACTLY what I want for my wedding but it’s not as “not enjoyable” as some friends have said it would be. Trust me when I say that staying organized will absolutely assist in keeping the wedding planning process fun and running smoothly! So let’s get into my tips for organized wedding planning!

The Binder

Before you even get started; get yourself a 1 inch binder, I put a photo of Jeff and I on the cover along with our preferred date.  Remember Pinterest is your friend and there are so many pins of printable wedding packets that are perfect for wedding binders.  I was able to print out a budget, sheets for bridesmaids and bridal dresses, appointments, wedding invite lists, venue sites and much more and of course I have it separated by vendor department- Venue, Ceremony, Reception, Food and Beverage, Music, Photography etc.  This binder has been my wedding planning bible and will certainly be yours!  Once all vendors have been settled on you can take your binder, minimize the information in it and hand it over to your day of coordinator!

Payment Schedules  

You may not think about it but you don’t want to end up having to pay all your vendors within the same week- between a $10,000 venue/F&B Minimum, a photographer, floral, musicians etc things get very expensive!  Payment schedules are a must and when speaking with vendors be sure to inquire on a payment schedule.  Most vendors will tell you there is a deposit due at contract signing and the balance will be due within 2 weeks of the event.  If they don’t provide you with a payment schedule – look at the information provided and create your own payment schedule for each of your vendors.  This allows you to make payments month by month and not be hit with a giant bill the month before you say I do!

Have Your Checklist

A checklist is something you absolutely need.  I printed my checklists courtesy of The Knot and they are so helpful (especially because I haven’t done this before)  Between my super organized mother and my checklist I know exactly where I should be in the planning process!  The checklist will assist you in knowing 12 months out you should have these tasks done, 9 months out, 3 months out etc. I’ve always been a visual person and having the breakdown in front of me in the form of a checklist makes it so easy for me to ensure things are moving along nicely.


If you’re a bride-to-be I hope this helps and I’d love to hear how you’re staying organized!

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Wedding Wednesday Engagement Photos

Jeff and I have been engaged for just over a year now and we’ve checked quite a few things off of our Wedding To Do List. We found the venue and booked it!  I got my dress and my shoes, I’ve proposed to my bridesmaids (and he found his groomsman) and put together a look for each of them, and even designed and ordered our Save the Dates, (they’re in a box in my bedroom waiting to be sent out) BUT the one thing everyone has been pushing us to do that we honestly haven’t done yet is take Engagement Photos.

I know all you brides out there are probably shaking your head thinking what are you doing and what are you waiting for but truthfully it just hasn’t been something on my radar. I’ve gone back and forth so many times about what I want to do for our engagement photos. First I wanted to do very fairytale like photos in the Botanical Gardens, then I thought how fun to take photos in the graffiti covered venue where we met, then my thought was we can take super couture photos in one of the few museums here in Orlando.  I’ve definitely been pretty scattered with my thoughts on our engagement photos but ladies I think I’ve figured it out!

Back in December (only a year and half after our engagement) my brother is getting married in beautiful Saint Augustine during the Night of Lights!  Jeff and I went up with my family last year during the night of lights to tour his venue and find the house we’ll be staying in for the weekend.  Last night I thought ; being there for 4 days we should definitely have a few hours to sneak away to the Lightener Museum and take some beautiful photos one night with all the lights! I talked it over with Jeff and he agrees it would be a beautiful back drop for some amazing photos! I’m beyond excited to start planning it all!


Now Let’s Get Into This Look!

I want to definitely take my engagement photos in a BOMB outfit. Something that compliments the lights and also isn’t your cliché white sundress, I’ll definitely be in white I think I’ll move toward wearing a dress oppose to a pants look (unless I find a killer jumpsuit) however with wanting to take the photos at night in the light museum area I’m looking for more of a formal or at least a little e more jazzed up dress.  I’ve found a few looks I think would be fun for Engagement Photos so be sure to leave me a comment and tell me which is your fav!

I’m always a fan of House of CB and there are so many looks that would be perfect for our engagement shoot starting with this super sexy starting with this Camora dress!  I love the fitted midi skirt, and the peeking shoulder.


Its no secret I love Revolve just like pretty much every other girl out there and they have a killer selection of dresses.  This About Us Coco High Slight dress would be a great look for our engagement photos.  Showing just the right amount of leg this dress is super sexy!  I could certainly see this dress with middle part styled sleek hair or even a pony!

coco dress

Now I did say that I didn’t rule out the thought of a jumpsuit.  I’m pretty tall and I feel like a good jumpsuit on a tall and slender girl can be super sexy.  I came across this on House of CB that is literal perfection!  Fitted to the body, a little sexy with a plunging neckline and stark white!


Keeping on the theme of dresses I didn’t want to leave out the idea of a fitted floor length dress.  Again on House of CB, this Merveielle dress is super slender and very sexy.  It could be a fun look for our engagement photos!



I definitely know which one I’m leaning toward but what are you loving?




Wedding Wednesday ; Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes!!

In my opinion, something that makes your wedding so special is the people you’re sharing the moment with, and I’m not talking about those invited attendees I’m talking about the ladies in your bridal party! Those girls who you know will be there to relieve some stress, have a little fun and of course hold your dress while you use the bathroom.  Of course when asking those ladies to be a part of not only your special day but also your special year (planning) it should certainly be done with love and with some fun! When I went on to choose my bridal party it was honestly a no brainer- I have the best friends and they all would serve a perfect part in my big day.  So I feel pretty accomplished because  finally put together and sent out my bridesmaid proposal boxes! I’m so happy I finally talk about it because the boxes should’ve been delivered today! Ladies this was such a hassle because I wanted to do something cute but I didn’t want to do the typically mini bottle of champagne and nail polish.  I wanted it to be different, memorable and totally me so what I decided to do was all 3! With more than half my girls living in different cities (and states) than me I knew I would need something that would transfer well.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m such a fan all things smell good, from perfume, to candles and room and linen sprays. Now I certainly wasn’t going to buy the ladies a perfume ( with allergies this could be terrible) so I decided to put together the perfect room smell good kit! The Bridesmaid Proposal boxes are filled with gold, black and white stuffing ( my wedding colors), the ceramic plug in which is in its box and bubble wrapped (each girl got a different one) the melting wax in different scents and a bottle of room spray! If you haven’t heard of Scentsy then I urge you to do a little research!  Scentsy is a brand that makes not only rooms prays but plug in candles and scented wax, and the best part about the plug in is it’s not a real flame, it’s a light bulb that melts the wax! Super cute and each girl got a different design and a different scent! I wanted something to be super personalized for each girl so I decided that I would get personalized cards made with each girls name and our wedding hashtag #foreveruknighted in gold foil because nothing says “Danielle” more than gold foil and stationary!  Each girl’s card has a poem as well as the big question! Will You Be My Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor? I like the idea of that personal touch and something that the girls can keep forever should they have a card box like my sister!


I went back and forth with ordering cute boxes for the packages but in the end ladies it’s going to be packaged inside of a USPS or FedEx box and I thought I want them to open the package and immediately be hit with the stuffing so I decided to package them right in the USPS packages with the personalized cards right on top! I completely understand the want for that cutesy stuff but you’re planning and possibly paying for a wedding, your friends won’t be mad at the packaging! And if they are they probably shouldn’t be in your bridal party (just saying!) Anywhoo I’m so excited for the girl’s to all get their boxes today and I’ll be back to update you on the reactions ( I know they’ll love them)!


Wedding Wednesday; I Said YES to the Dress!

So if you follow me on Instagram then you know I said Yes to the Dress this past Saturday! The feeling you get when you step into “the dress” is one I truly can’t begin to describe.  When people say “you’ll know when you know” they’re so right!  A week prior I went to a bridal appointment and saw absolutely nothing that I loved, however I did gauge what styles I loved.  I’d love to share the dress with you all but that obviously won’t happen ( not until after the big day!) But I will totally tell you guys all about the special moment and share photos of some of the dresses that didn’t make the cut! My perfect dress was purchased at The Bridal Gallery of Orlando with the lovely Larai! What an experience, from walking into the beautifully decorated and lit showroom to Larai ( who was beyond amazing) everything was absolutely perfect! She listened to everything I wanted, paid attention and even pushed me to try some things that I maybe wouldn’t have on my own.  Of all the appointments I had looking for my special dress, the Bridal Gallery of Orlando was definitely my personal favorite! ( And not just because we popped champagne!)  I’m going to share some of the things I learned during this process so I can help make yours a little smoother!

Ladies, if you’re searching for your special dress I can’t stress enough that in the beginning you need to try different styles!  From the ball gown that you may think you love ( I thought I loved it, after a few that I was obsessed with I realized I did not) to the sheath dress that may be perfect for you and everything in between.  Locking down a silhouette is a major step in finding your wedding dress!  Once you know what you love on your body then you can move on to other aspects of your dress!

So you know what silhouette you want?! Now move on to the dress itself.  Do you like lace? Or are you more of a sequin girl?  How about tulle and/or ruffles?  SO many questions but I promise you’ll want to look around and think of these things before your appointments otherwise all the dresses coming your way can be a bit overwhelming.  When I walked into The Bridal Gallery I knew 2 things: The silhouettes I liked and that I loved Mori Lee the Designer (who was actually having a Trunk Show that day).  When thinking of the body of your dress I’d also say to keep in mind your venue and the time of year of your wedding.  I tried on a dress that screamed Winter Wonderland to me, it was gorgeous but I’m getting married in June.  It just didn’t make sense to me. How about color?  I know you’re probably thinking color? But I recently learned there are about 5 different shades of white.  From White (which apparently most ladies actually don’t get) to Ivory which looked white to me to Champagne and even Blush, the color scheme is crazy and ladies, just keep in mind the ivory dress you fell in love with may look completely different in white so ask if they can bring in a slip for you to see the color difference. SO much goes into prepping for your big wedding dress shopping day!  Do your research, be prepared and KEEP AN OPEN MIND!

One thing I will say that is so important is bring that right people with you!  Remember too many people can quickly become too many opinions.  To my first appointment I brought my parents, (yes brides to be I brought my father with me) I’m a huge daddy’s girl( with every dress I would look directly at him first) my little sister who is one of my bridesmaids and my mother in law to be.  To my last 2 appointments my mother and father came as well as my little sister.  As fun as it would’ve been to have a bunch of girlfriends there it just wasn’t a priority to me.  I found that the people that were in my group were people who really loved me and wanted me to look my absolute best ( not that my friends would’ve been any different) I’d say a group of 3 or 4 is really as large as you need to go! It’s fun and you can get a nice variety of opinions.

Now let’s get into some photos!


None of these of course are my dress but see anything you like?