Thursday’s Polyvore Play; Friday Nights Out

Thursday’s Polyvore Play; Friday Nights Out by daniellemonee featuring cotton shirts Rosie Assoulin cotton shirt, $1,515 / Woven shorts, $800 / Christian Louboutin black leather shoes, $660 / Yves Saint Laurent black suede purse, $1,615 / Yves Saint Laurent cuff jewelry / NARS Cosmetics lips makeup Friday Nights Out There’s nothing like going out on the town with your girlfriends.  Let’s be honest ladies, we … Continue reading Thursday’s Polyvore Play; Friday Nights Out

Celebrity Spotlight; Olivia Palermo

“I think life is about falling in love with the right person, shopping, eating your favorite decadent desserts and traveling a lot.” — Olivia Palermo When you hear the name Olivia Palermo what exactly comes to mind? For many it’s the bitch from The City.  Well for me that’s not exactly it.  Although, yes she was kind of mean to Whitney in a nice way, … Continue reading Celebrity Spotlight; Olivia Palermo

Fashion Frenzy; Olivia Palermo

First introduced to us in 2009 via MTV’s The City as the villain socialite Olivia Palermo made her mark in the public’s eye and has been living as almost every teenager girls Fashion Icon ever since.  I certainly know I’m a bit obsessed! Whether Olivia is walking her little white dog Mr. Butler, gracing a red carpet or sitting front row at the Tents she … Continue reading Fashion Frenzy; Olivia Palermo

Sex and the City; My Favorite Pieces

Now I am completely aware that Sex and the City was a major sitcom with 6 intoxicating seasons and a great 2 movies for many reasons; a great story line, an amazingly talented cast but we all know what the biggest reason of so many women all around the world becoming addicted to Sex and the City….. the Fashion Let’s just all be real with … Continue reading Sex and the City; My Favorite Pieces

A Romance We’ve Waited On…

Well, maybe it isn’t exactly a romance but it’s a partnership we’ve waited on all our lives and it’s none other than Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker and Manolo Blahnik. We couldn’t have waited any longer! My fashion dreams have come true and the world’s very own Carrie Bradshaw/Sarah Jessica Parker has collaborated with the shoe God Manolo Blahnik! According to SJP over the years many … Continue reading A Romance We’ve Waited On…