Top 5 2015 Summer Trends

It’s no secret every season has their trends, whether it’s fur (or faux fur) in Winter, Browns and Oranges in Fall, floral in Spring or the brighter colors in Summer.  Many fashionistas are eagerly flipping through the pages of Elle,Vogue, InStyle and more to be up to date and top trends of the season! Well ladies if you can’t get the magazine quick enough I … Continue reading Top 5 2015 Summer Trends

Rihanna is Making History

Rihanna is always in the news for something, whether that be a super daring outfit choice, a slick comeback on twitter or a hot new song with some of our favorite artists,  Well she’s in the news again and this time she’s making history. Dior has announced Rihanna as their newest ambassador.  Why is this making history you’re probably asking… Well this makes her the … Continue reading Rihanna is Making History