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“My mom instilled in me at a young age how important it is to be properly dressed when you leave the house, no matter what time of they day.  Even if it’s 4:30AM and you’re heading to the airport, you want to look and feel your best.” — Olivia Palermo




XOXO Product of the Day; Olivia Palermo for BaubleBar’s Queenbee Collar Necklace

It’s no secret I love BaubleBar and I mean let’s be honest everyone loves Fashion IT Girl Olivia Palermo so when I heard about this collaboration I jumped on it! All the pieces are to die for but I happened to fall in love with one in particular, the Queenbee Collar Necklace

queenbee collar

The Queenbee Collar Necklace is a new twist on the statement necklace featuring 5 large bees.

Available for $68, this collar is the perfect addition to any Fall/Winter, Spring/Summer wardrobe.

And if this isn’t exactly your style be sure to check out some of the other OP pieces!


vial collar

north star brooch set

pisa cuff

The collection has pieces from ear cuffs to brooches and everything in between.  IT Girl Olivia Palermo definitely know what she was doing with these designs and BaubleBar certainly made the right decision in having her as a Guest Bartender!

Ready Set SHOP!! and tell them Danielle Mone’ sent you

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