10 Rules to Live by in 2019

Welcome to 2019! We are almost 4 full weeks in and I think I’ve given you enough time to get acclimated to any changes that would be coming your way.  Now that we’re all in and settled I’m bringing you my 10 ways to ensure your 2019 is Happy, Healthy and Productive all while still making sure you have a little fun! These are my top 10 rules to live by ladies and gents so let’s get into it!

When You Look Good, You Feel Good

This has always been and always will be a life statement of mine! Often when I feel down both mentally and physically I make it a point to put a lot of effort into my appearance. When I do my hair and make-up and put together an outfit I feel proud of I look in the mirror and because I believe I look good, I will inevitably feel good.


Speak Positivity

I’m a huge believer of the power of the tongue and I believe that what you put into the universe you ultimately attract. I can’t stress enough that you have to continuously speak positive vibes into the universe always.  Even with positive affirmations every day! Write some great things on some sticky notes and place them on your computer monitor at work or your  mirror at home.

Surround Yourself With People Doing Great Things

I feel like this one speaks on its own. For one you don’t want to find yourself in the wrong crowd of people who are doing negative things and bringing you down with them, and there is that old saying birds of a feather flock together which is definitely situational however you want to make sure you surround yourself with people doing great things. I thinks it’s very important to have a diverse group of friends who come from different walks of life and are all doing different things but they should all be inspiring you to be the best you and do better always but remember If you’re the smartest, most accomplished person in your group of friends then you need to make more friends!

 Make Decisions With Yourself in Mind

I’m the first person to understand wanting to make those around you happy and that’s natural because everyone is a people pleaser in some capacity when it comes to family, work and relationships but sometimes you have to forget about other people’s wants, needs and happiness and focus on your own wants, needs and happiness. Remember 2019 is the year of no longer sacrificing your happiness for the happiness of others. Do what’s right for you because you’re the one who has to live with your decisions.

Don’t Set Any Expectations

I’ve come to learn when you set expectations, whether that’s expectations on people or in situations you’re setting yourself up for the possibility of a letdown. Just let go and live life, let life happen and expect nothing from what you do ; Hope for the best but prepare yourself for the worst.

Don’t Compare Your Behind the Scene Footage to Someone Else’s Highlight Tape

Remember, you don’t see everyone’s struggles the way you live through yours and people will always highlight the positive and never showcase the negative in their lives. People will only ever show you what they want you to know.  Everyone’s experiences are different and you never know the hard work and rejection people you look up to have gone through and faced. Everyone’s story is different.

Open Yourself to New Things

Its 2019, this is the year of trying new food, visiting new places and just overall opening up to new experiences. Sometimes changing your surroundings can help you broaden your horizons.  Meeting new people and discovering new things is exciting and can help relieve frustration and that feeling of being stagnant, besides it’s always great to get away and see new things!


Eat Good and Drink Good

This can go one of two ways, you pick whichever works best for you. Eating good can mean eating healthier – watching your portions and making the long thought of switch to vegetarian or it can mean live your life and indulge! When I say eat good I mean treat yourself (in moderation of course) If you’re going out with girlfriends for a sushi happy hour and you’re eyeing 2 rolls than just get both! Make sure you have your daily intake of water but treat yourself to a glass of wine as well!


Have Me Time

I’m an extremely extroverted introvert and some people will never understand that! I really enjoy being social, going out, having a drink etc but I will forever need me time to recharge. I suggest taking some time to yourself once a week, whether that’s an evening of a bubble bath with the door locked and a glass of your favorite wine and heading to a weekly yoga class without your friends or partner. Think about what you like to do, what’s calming and take some time each week to do it alone.

Let Go

Literally you can’t control everything so live life and LET GO

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5 Things You Can Do on the Weekend for a Mental Boost

Sometimes after a hectic and fast paced week all you want to do is rest on the weekends, trust me I know but no one wants to waste their weekend away in bed! I’ve put together a list of things that will not only get you up and moving around but will give you a mental boost to get ready for the week!


1.       Exercise ; OK I’m not an exercise girl, I do not work out after a long day in the office, I’m not going to yoga on Tuesdays like some of my friends and I’m certainly not taking a Zumba class however I will say one way to really relax your mind after a crazy week at work is a 10am Saturday Yoga class or even a walk around the lake.  Just you and your thoughts (and maybe a juice from your local juicer) But seriously though I often find that when I’m walking and just enjoying the weather I feel so much more relaxed and clearly the same goes for yoga!  Give it a try

2.       Get enough Sleep! Don’t over sleep. I’ve never been the girl who can sleep in until 11AM – I will feel like the entire day has gotten away from me.  I don’t even want to be awake and in bed until 11AM – not going to lie I judge people who do that (mainly my mother) Even if I was out until 3AM drinking, trust me when I say I’m up by 9:30AM and ready to take on the day! Maybe it’s just me but the feeling of having lost half the day, especially on a weekend is a stressful one.  I want to get up, enjoy my day, see some friends, maybe hit the Farmer’s Market and I just can’t do that if I’m oversleeping.

3.       Brunch with Friends! Anyone who knows me will tell you I would brunch everyday if  I could.  From Chicken and Waffles, to my favorite Veggie Potato Hash Bowl and everything in between.  I’m always down for bottomless mimosas.  But more importantly brunch is a great mental booster for the weekends because it always you to connect with friends and family whom you don’t see or (don’t want to see) at 6:30PM after work on a Monday through Thursday schedule.  Let’s just be real there’s something freeing about hanging out with friends, having a drink or a few and just enjoying your day!

4.       Hit the Farmer’s Market ; I personally love the Farmer’s Market.  Every Sunday Lake Eola here in Orlando hosts the Farmer’s Market where you can purchase everything from fresh produce, to blinged out bandanas for you pups! I thoroughly enjoy taking the time when the weathers nice outside to grab a smoothie, walk around and pick some things up (I love the all natural handmade scrubs and soaps) before I grab some food from the many food trucks you’ll find and listen to the live music under the GIANT trees.  The Farmer’s Market is my perfect beginning (after brunch of course) to a Sunday!

5.       Read a book!  There’s almost nothing that’s more relaxing on your mental psych than reading a book! I love curling up on a weekend morning especially when it’s raining out and grabbing a good book!  Check out my 5 books Every Twenty Something Girl Needs on Her Bookshelf for some books I think you should definitely read!  Lately I’ve been all about self-help, women empowerment and of course having your dream career and life!

What are some ways you relax during the weekend after a crazy work week?

4 Delicious Recipes You Can Make This Week

Okay Guys! Today is the day I’m bringing you 4 recipes that I am definitely obsessing over.  Over the last few weeks I have tried different recipes – whether from Pinterest or The Every Girl, there are some dishes I just need to share with you all! So whether you’re sitting at your desk at work dying of boredom, lying in bed with a glass of Rose or walking through Trader Joes trying to shop for dinner this week I’m giving you some killer recipes and I promise you’ll love them.

1. Creamy Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Skillet 


Image Source A Spicy Perspective

2. Greek Turkey Meatball Gyros with Tzatziki Sauce 


Image Source Joyful Healthy Eats


3. One Pan Italian Sausage and Veggies (Perfect for Meal Prepping!) 


Image Source Chelsea’s Messy Apron

4. Easy Pad Thai with Chicken


Image Source Just a Taste


Drop a link to some of your fav recipes in the comments!


Wedding Wednesday ; Bridesmaid Proposal Boxes!!

In my opinion, something that makes your wedding so special is the people you’re sharing the moment with, and I’m not talking about those invited attendees I’m talking about the ladies in your bridal party! Those girls who you know will be there to relieve some stress, have a little fun and of course hold your dress while you use the bathroom.  Of course when asking those ladies to be a part of not only your special day but also your special year (planning) it should certainly be done with love and with some fun! When I went on to choose my bridal party it was honestly a no brainer- I have the best friends and they all would serve a perfect part in my big day.  So I feel pretty accomplished because  finally put together and sent out my bridesmaid proposal boxes! I’m so happy I finally talk about it because the boxes should’ve been delivered today! Ladies this was such a hassle because I wanted to do something cute but I didn’t want to do the typically mini bottle of champagne and nail polish.  I wanted it to be different, memorable and totally me so what I decided to do was all 3! With more than half my girls living in different cities (and states) than me I knew I would need something that would transfer well.

Anyone who knows me knows I’m such a fan all things smell good, from perfume, to candles and room and linen sprays. Now I certainly wasn’t going to buy the ladies a perfume ( with allergies this could be terrible) so I decided to put together the perfect room smell good kit! The Bridesmaid Proposal boxes are filled with gold, black and white stuffing ( my wedding colors), the ceramic plug in which is in its box and bubble wrapped (each girl got a different one) the melting wax in different scents and a bottle of room spray! If you haven’t heard of Scentsy then I urge you to do a little research!  Scentsy is a brand that makes not only rooms prays but plug in candles and scented wax, and the best part about the plug in is it’s not a real flame, it’s a light bulb that melts the wax! Super cute and each girl got a different design and a different scent! I wanted something to be super personalized for each girl so I decided that I would get personalized cards made with each girls name and our wedding hashtag #foreveruknighted in gold foil because nothing says “Danielle” more than gold foil and stationary!  Each girl’s card has a poem as well as the big question! Will You Be My Bridesmaid, Maid of Honor, Matron of Honor? I like the idea of that personal touch and something that the girls can keep forever should they have a card box like my sister!


I went back and forth with ordering cute boxes for the packages but in the end ladies it’s going to be packaged inside of a USPS or FedEx box and I thought I want them to open the package and immediately be hit with the stuffing so I decided to package them right in the USPS packages with the personalized cards right on top! I completely understand the want for that cutesy stuff but you’re planning and possibly paying for a wedding, your friends won’t be mad at the packaging! And if they are they probably shouldn’t be in your bridal party (just saying!) Anywhoo I’m so excited for the girl’s to all get their boxes today and I’ll be back to update you on the reactions ( I know they’ll love them)!


Adventures in Memphis


This past weekend Jeff and I headed to Memphis Tennessee to celebrate his birthday!  This is a trip we’ve had planned for a while now as we both needed a vacation – his birthday came at the perfect time.  Jeff and I looked up flights the weekend of his birthday on Allegiant Airlines and decided let’s go to Memphis (neither of us have ever been) Jeff booked the flight, I booked the room and just like that we were on Beale St for three days! We stayed at the Westin Memphis Beale Street which was such a convenient location to everything we wanted to do!  From being right on Beale Street which is known as the Bourbon Street of Memphis to being able to walk to just about any other attractions the area, the BBQ, the history and the art, I’d recommend this hotel to all visitors!