Creating a Home Space You Love

There’s something special about being in a space that truly makes you feel at home, I think we can all agree on that. Having been in an apartment the last 3 years I understand that there’s some things I just can’t change no matter how much I want to i.e I want wood floors and I currently have carpet and I would love a different stove, but I do have huge windows, a balcony that spans across my living room and bedroom, beautiful plantations shutters and a larger than the norm open floorplan space.  There will always be little touches in décor you can do to make sure that you enjoy your space every single day and to ensure it’s as chic as you can possibly hope for. If you’re interested in my tips for creating your perfect home space then keep on reading!

Choose a Color Palette You Love

For Jeff and I that is neutrals. This allows us to throw in color when and where we want and to change that out with the seasons. Within our living room we have a base of dark wood furniture and a leather chocolate brown couch.  We have played off that with a large golden, burgundy and navy area rug and a throw blanket and pillows to match, with all the natural light and the white plantation shutters and the white kitchen cabinets the contrast of dark and light but all neutral really blends well.  Moving into our dining area we have a white wooden high-top table that seats 4 with a fun table set from Anthropology that incorporates turquoise, pale pink and gold. The white wooden table again a neutral, works with the lighting and the white plantation shutters adorning the door to the balcony. Once you filter into our bedroom you’re greeted with the same dark wooden furniture and bedding that is a creamy linen, keeping everything neutral and bright!

Fresh Flowers and Candles Always

pink peonies

I am and always have been the type of girl to want fresh flowers in my home and candles lit 24/7. I always choose flowers for the look and candles for the scent.  I’m a fan of Peonies, Roses, Hydrangeas and quite a few other florals but again I like to keep that color more in that neutral family.  I’m a huge fan of white, cream, sand and (when it comes to peonies) pink for my flowers with the occasional greenery! When it comes to my candles I like to have a candle or 2 in every room! I live for a candle in the bathroom on our counter tops, I like for a candle to be on each nightstand in the bedroom and on the dresser, I keep candles in the kitchen and one on our coffee table.  I like to keep the scent consistent within the rooms always! I love a floral in the bathroom, a like to keep Mahogany and Black Teakwood in the bedroom at all times and lastly because our kitchen, dining area and living room are all openly one space I like to find a candle I like in the moment and get it for those spaces, let’s just say that scent is always changing.

Choose a Décor Style and Stick to It

When I first moved into Jeff’s apartment (which is now our apartment) it was very much a bachelor pad. There was not one photo on the wall, no décor and no solid color scheme.  It was very much a man’s home and then I came along!  As modern and gam as I tend to be when it comes to a home style I very much love a farmhouse, rustic/glam feel and I blame that completely on Joanna Gaines! If modern is what you are and you enjoy the sharp edges, marble, acrylic etc then go for it and stick to it.  In my home you’ll find little touches farmhouse touches from containers in our kitchen to the wooden bible verse above our bed.  When you get into a groove of finding a style that really resonates with you finding pieces to compliment that style will be easy!

Look for Inspiration If You Have None


One thing I truly love is home décor so I am always looking through TheEveryGirls Home Tour section watching apartment tours in Youtube and of course always rummaging through the millions of inspo photos Pinterest has to offer! If you’re moving into a new space or simple want to revive your space there is nothing wrong with looking through the many social media outlets to see what speaks to you and what you can recreate! Keep tabs of what you like and create mood boards for yourself so you can really see the vision prior to going out and buying pieces on a whim!

xoxo DM

**photos not mine


Holiday Gift Guide For the Hostess

Holiday Season is among us and guy’s it is beyond exciting for so many reasons! For just about as long as I can remember, well at least since I’ve been living in Florida, Holiday Season means family flying in and parties!  From Thanksgiving at home and at friend’s homes to our annual Christmas Eve Party,  I live for a good holiday get together. One thing I’ve learned is when going to someone’s home for an evening of fun you NEVER show up empty handed.  And while most will opt to bring a spirit or bottle of wine I think bringing a hostess gift is a chance to get creative and fun!
I say when purchasing a hostess gift for a holiday party you’re attending keep it safe by purchasing a gift for them home!  The great thing about this guide is EVERYTHING is under $100 and perfect to bring as a gift.
Holiday Gift Guide For the Hostess
  1. A Candle – you can never go wrong when bringing a candle as a gift for the party hostess.  I mean everyone loves candles, they make the home smell nothing short of amazing! (depending on the scent)
  2. Wine Glasses – Much like these gold ombre wine glasses, wine glasses are always a great gift! Because let’s be real everyone loves wine! But even more than the wine, the glass just gives you an extra oomf and it’s always better holding a fun glass, especially during the holidays.
  3. Measuring Cups – So cute and small but really such a help, these small copper measuring cups are a great inexpensive gift for any hostess who enjoys some time in the kitchen!  Whether your host enjoys baking or simply measuring out how much water to put into her rice these are great to look at and fully functional.
  4. Cocktail Shaker– One major trend of the year has been the bar carts! Fully stocked with glasses, spirits and now a gold finished cocktail shaker, this gift is perfect for the hostess who enjoys a nice cocktail!
  5. Flatware – Everyone needs flatware so why not have your forks and knives in a pretty rose gold finish?
  6. A Monogrammed Ice Bucket and Martini Glasses – SO maybe we have a theme here. (ya know with the alcohol) Anything monogrammed is chic and feels expensive (even if it isn’t) and this set starts at only $29!

Are you going to any Holiday Season Parties and if so I hop this guide has helped!