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My Birthday Wishlist

Ok so anyone who knows me knows I’m always super excited for my birthday until about a week before, then I typically get super bummed and closer in I get really excited again.  Well the big birthday is only 9 days away and I’m kind of in that mix of excited and bummed.  Excited because

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MAJOR Announcement!!! I’m a Henri Bendel #Bendelgirl

One thing I’ve recently learned is when you want something just ask for it, the worst anyone can do is say no!  With that statement comes a major announcement. I’m now an official  #BendelGirl.  I must say it’s a major accomplishment to be a Henri Bendel Brand Ambassador! Everyone who knows me knows just how

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Orange Lips and Bare Shoulders

Anyone who knows me knows there are a few things I thoroughly enjoy.  Among those things are drinking wine, listening to live music and having a reason to put together an outfit ( I’m such a situational dresser )  Well this past weekend Jeff took me back to one of my absolute favorite date sites!

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