The Twenty Something Girl’s Guide to Living Life; Take Care of Yourself

Now listen girls, I know what you’re thinking; ok this is going to be a boring one but I am beyond serious when I say taking care of yourself is one thing most twenty something girls just don’t do, trust me I know we don’t.

Whether it’s not drinking enough water everyday, Drinking a little to much of that Whiskey Sour on Saturday night, Not washing your make up off before bed when you stroll in the apartment at 3Am or even just ignoring your body when it’s telling you something is wrong you must take care of yourself.

This past weekend and yes when I say this past weekend I mean NYE I was admitted into the ER.  For years I’ve had this breathing issue that I always kind of just ignored (never ignore an issue with your body especially one like breathing) (I am an idiot) and on top of that I have the Sickle Cell Trait which is no fun at all AND I am anemic.  What does that mean Stay Hydrated or die basically and what’s the one thing I hate to drink? Water. So on Saturday I go into the ER after a really bad incident of chest tightness and being short of breath; A few hours, scans, tests and x rays later I find out at 24 years old I have asthma. When I was younger I thought I had asthma for this same problem but after just talking to a doctor she brushed it off.

Now I am forced to take steroids for the next 7 days and carry a pump with me 24/7 – so not perfect for my mini bag trend I always follow. But hey! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right?!

I will be 100%transparent with you though in saying this ER/Asthma situation has somewhat forced me to look at things through a different scope and take my life and health a lot more serious. I am promising myself that going into this new year I will drink nothing but water and the occasional glass of wine or cocktail in the evening, I’m thinking yoga Saturday Mornings and an at home work out 3 day a week after work, I am also planning on eating a lot healthier.  All in all one of my main goals of 2017 is to just take better care of myself and maintain a happy and health life! Especially as a twenty something girl!

How do you maintain your health and what do you do to take care of yourself? I’d love to know!



10 Ways to Live a Happy and Healthy Life

Everyone everywhere deals with stress and that can take away from your happiness and your health so today I’m giving 10 tips that have always worked for me in living a happy and healthy life!

1. When You Look Good You Feel Good

Often when I fell down I make it a point to put a lori not my appearance.  When I do my hair and make up and put on a nice outfit I look in the mirror, I like the way I look therefore my mood instantly changes.  When you’re more presentable i your appearance you’ll notice the way people treat you is better and you’ll feel good about yourself and in general.

2. Let Go

You cannot control everything so learn to let go.  Live life and enjoy it! Remember everything in this life happens for a reason so don’t try to control things!  Just let go.

3. Live Life

You can’t take things too seriously, when you’re older and you look back on your life don’t you want to have any regrets or thoughts of what if, you want to know you’ve really enjoyed it.

4. Surround Yourself With People Doing Great Things

I truly hate the phrase birds of a feather flock together but as I’ve grown i’ve come to see in some situations it can be very true.  I enjoy having an eclectic group of people around me who can show me and teach me things I don’t know however I like and choose to surround myself with positive people doing positive things.  When you’re constantly around people doing great things they will push and inspire you to do great things as well.

5. Make Decisions For Yourself

Wantin to make and keep people happy is natural, we are all people pliers especially when hit comes to work and family but don’t make a decision that makes you uncomfortable just to please someone else. Remember never sacrifice your happiness for the happiness of someone else, you have to live with your decisions.

6. Don’t Compare Your Behind the Scenes Footage to Someone Else’s Highlight Reel

What does this mean? You don’t see everyone’s struggle because they don’t show it.  People only show the positives in their lives, the good things and you can’t compare what you’re going through now to the successful place someone is in.  You never now the journey someone took, everyone goes through different things to get where they are!

7. Be Honest With Yourself and Set No Expectations

When you have an expect ration you can be setting yourself for sadness.  Like I stated earlier let go and live life, let life happen of course it’s good to plan things out, planning breeds success but don’t expect things to work out perfectly each time, in life that doesn’t happen.  When you set no expectations then regardless of the good or bad outcome the disappointment may be less of a shock to you.

8. Have Me Time

If you aren’t happy in your own company than you can never truly be happy in someone else’s.  Cook yourself dinner, go out for a cocktail, read a book or a magazine or even lay in a bubble bath, light some candles and listen to your favorite playlist.  Spending time with yourself allows you to really find who you are and truly love that person.

9. Eat Good and Drink Good

Lately I’ve made the decision to eat healthier because you have to be aware of what you put into your body.  I’ve been drinking more water and making fresh fruit smoothies as well as having cut out fast food!  When you eat good you feel good

10. Open Yourself Up To New Things

Sometimes changing your surroundings can help you broaden your horizons. Meet new people and discover new things.  It’s easy to become frustrated when you’re in the same place around the same people constantly and it’s great to get away and see new things!

I hope these 10 tips help you all stay happy and healthy

xox Danielle Mone’