Lets Talk Luxury Handbags

Clearly handbags are on my mind this week and as much as I love them, why wouldn’t they be? One thing that I find myself always drifting to whether on Instagram, Youtube or Pinterest is luxury handbags; I have a handbag Collection saved on my Instagram, I’m constantly watching Bag Reviews and What’s in my Bag videos on Youtube and let’s not get started on … Continue reading Lets Talk Luxury Handbags

The Only 5 Handbags You’ll Ever Need

Lately the world has become more into the idea of of having a sustainable wardrobe. This means quality over quantity, why have 10 pairs of $20 jeans when you can have 4 pairs of really great investment jeans right? The same goes for handbags; although I am a girl who loves handbags and wants them all, every woman really only needs 5 handbags to get … Continue reading The Only 5 Handbags You’ll Ever Need

My Go To Date Night Handbags

Before Quarantine Jeff and I were always all about a date night! Whether thats just grabbing a quick meal at a Downtown Gastropub or dressing up and heading out to a cocktail lounge, I love putting a look together and I keeping the same 3 handbags in my date night handbag rotation! In today’s video I’m sharing all about my Coach Parker Bag, My Vintage … Continue reading My Go To Date Night Handbags

Once a Bendel Girl, Always a Bendel Girl

It’s no secret that the highlight of my 2017 was becoming an official brand ambassador for the beloved Henri Bendel brand and like so many girls around the world I was left heart broken when the company announced it would be shutting it’s doors. Over the years I have curated quite the collection of handbags and many of those handbags are Henri Bendel!  I thought … Continue reading Once a Bendel Girl, Always a Bendel Girl

10 Chic Handbags for Work

  If you’re anything like me then your 1 vice in life is handbags.  Finding the perfect handbag can be a difficult task, especially finding the perfect handbag for work and your daily commute.  I like for my handbags (especially those I carry for work) to be practical yet still chic enough for me to take from a day in the office (with my essentials) … Continue reading 10 Chic Handbags for Work