Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Bandouliere Review

Those of you who have been following me for some years know that my first luxury handbag purchase was also my biggest handbag regret and that was my Louis Vuitton Speedy 35. The bag was just too big for me and with it being strictly top handle ended up not being used as much as I would’ve liked.  I’ve learned over the years I’m definitely a cross body handbag type of girl so a few weeks back when I purchased the Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Bandouliere I was beyond ecstatic! This is the bag I’ve had my eyes on for quite some time and had wished I would’ve purchased it oppose to the Classic Speedy.

Thinking of all the things I love in my closet, this handbag is definitely a top 5 ( you would’ve seen it in my A Handbag for Every Occasion video) As stated I’ve owned this bag for maybe a little over a month and have continuously used only this bag since the day I picked it up and have absolutely no plans of switching out of it any time soon. Many people look at the Damier Azur print as a Spring/Summer look however I think living in Florida I’m able to wear this handbag year round and I absolutely plan to!


I chose to purchase this handbag in the Damier Azur Canvas (all my Louis Vuitton SLG’s are the classic monogram) because I felt it was a brighter look and unexpected. Most LV bags I tend to see are Damier Ebene and the Classic Monogram and although I can absolute appreciate the carefree lifestyle that comes with those two canvas prints something about the Damier Azur had me drawn in.  I will say I originally had my heart set on the Monogram (much like my Classic Speedy 35) however I wanted something a little different! The canvas is nice and slouchy (Jeff thinks this makes the bag look old and used but he just doesn’t know the Louis Vuitton Speedy) making it nice and comfortable to wear cross body and on the shoulder.


I will say the only negative to the Damier Azur is that I have heard the lighter colors can suffer from color transfer ( lucky for me I don’t wear to much denim so I haven’t noticed any color transfer onto my bag). I’m very carefule to ensure I keep opened pens and things of that sort away from my bag because it would be much easier to see on the Damier Azur than on the Monogram or Damier Ebene.


After having the Speedy 35 for so many years I quickly realized I did not want a bag of that size again however I was stuck between wanting a Speedy 25 or a Speedy 30 B and I think YouTube Gals like Jerusha Couture, Minks4All and Jessie Pinkston helped me decide on moving forward with the 25! truthfully I’m not carrying too much in my bag on a daily basis just my necessities and the bigger the bag the more useless stuff I throw into it!   Being 5’8” and always fluctuating between 115 lbs and 125 lbs (depending on the amount of stress) I thought perhaps the 25 would look a bit small but after trying the bag on it was actually perfect! I ended up purchasing the Speedy 25 and I can truly say unlike my first Louis Vuitton Speedy purchase, I have ZERO regrets!

I’d say the 25 is the perfect size for both a shoulder bag and a cross body bag all with the plus of being able to be used as a handheld (with the straps detached). Another plus is that because the bag is smaller there isn’t as much of a need for a bag shaper or organizer because they smaller bag doesn’t have that bottom sag as much as the larger bags do.  I will say however because the bag is smaller the opening is also smaller making it difficult depending on your angle to get in and out of the bag.  My Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Pouch fits inside the bag perfectly but taking it out has to be done at an angle.  This is minuscule to me as my love for the handbag surpasses any struggle of getting in and out of it.


Once thing I’ve learned about myself in the last 4 years or so is that I am a Cross Body Handbag type of Girl through and through and I love luxury. What can I say! This bag has  a style that can be worn casually or dressed up, it can really be used for any occasion – it has become my every day bag and will also be my traveling bag (so perfect for running though airports!)  As Is aid, the fact that it can used handheld, cross body and as a shoulder bag (with an adjustable strap) makes it all the more appealing over the classic speedy.

My List of Pros and Cons


  • Canvas Leather (I don’t mind getting caught in the rain) althgouh the wear wills how in the handles and strap I love the worn in look of a patina)
  • Versatile! a handbag that can worn 3 ways
  • It’s the perfect size for any height and shape!


  • Damier Azur may show color transfer
  • Small opening

My Final Thoughts

Many people may read this and say to themselves spending that amount of money on a handbag is absolutely absurd, I totally get that – but if there’s something you really want (and you’ve wanted for a long time) then treat yourself and get it. It may be crazy to say that a handbag is perfect but this bag is my perfect bag!

The look and versatility to me is everything I could’ve wanted. I can truly say I would absolutely purchase this handbag again in the Damiere Ebene and the Classic Monogram.




What’s In My Weekend Bag ; Henri Bendel Canteen Bag


On weekend’s I like to carry smaller and lighter purses, just the essentials! During the work week you’ll find an agenda, a notebook and so much more in my handbag so I look forward to weekends when I get to change my purses out and carry much smaller handbags! Lately I’ve been carrying my Henri Bendel Canteen crossbody and I’m so happy I snagged this one before the brand closed it’s doors!



As mentioned I like to keep the contents of handbag on weekends pretty light and down to only the essentials so let’s get into what I carry!

  • Marc Jacobs Card Holder

On weekdays I carry my Henri Bendel Medium Zip Wallet but on weekends I like to grab only my essential cards (debit card, ID and insurance cards)

  • Henri Bendel Coin Purse

I like to carry my Henri Bendel Coin Purse so I don’t have loose coins and cash rolling around in my purse

  • Sunnies

These sunglasses were purchased from Shein and I am beyond obsessed!

  • Louis Vuitton 6 Ring Key Holder

If I could only recommend one luxury SLG this item would definitely be it! It’s compact and very functional.  There’s a sleeve inside in the back for an ID and debit card if need be and it fits my larger Jetta key.

  • YSL Lip Balm

I always have to have a lip balms with me and I really love this one because it gives my lips a little color and keeps them feeling soft.

What are your handbag essentials for the weekend?

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What’s In My Henri Bendel Mini Uptown Satchel

Everyone who knows me and has been following me for a while knows I am handbag obsessed! I mean I seriously have a problem and becoming a Henri Bendel #BendelGirl back in 2017 was no help to the addiction!  Anyway there was this Henri Bendel Bag known as the Mini Uptown Satchel that I have been in love with! It super cute and a great versatile bag however Henri Bendel stopped making it probably 2 years before closing their doors this past weekend.  Well they created a revived version of it just a few months ago but it wasn’t exactly my style, I have a friend who believe it or not is probably more HB obsessed than I am and had the bag!  You’ll never believe this but she sent it to me!!! I’ve tied this Henri Bendel Twilly scarf on half of the bag handle for a little personalization and keep the cross body strap attached for convenience.  I’ve been carrying this bag off and on for the last week and a half or so and thought if you’re anything like me (a very curious person about what people carry in their handbags) then you’d love to know what I carry in mine! Hopefully you’ll find something in my bag that you think you’d like to carry in yours!

Let’s Start with Beauty

For my birthday my mother got me this Louis Vuitton Cosmetic Pouch in the Monogram Canvas in size PM and it is the perfect size for my everyday make up essentials and for all my handbags!  In this little LV cosmetic pouch I carry the following:

  • NYX Matte Blotting Paper
  • MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder
  • ELF Cosmetics Foundation Blurring Brush
  • Shea Moisture Coconut and Hibiscus She Butter Vegan lip Balm
  • YSL Beauty Volupte Tint-In Balm
  • Jordana COCO LOCO Lip Liner
  • Morphe Gloss in Freebird and Boho
  • ColouPop Cosmetics Liquid Lipstick in TARP


Then there’s all the things in my bag freely floating around!

  • Henri Bendel West 57th Medium Zip Wallet
  • Louis Vuitton 6 Ring Key Holder (this thing is perfection, I recommend everyone get one)
  • Kate Spade “Let’s Do Lunch” Business Card Holder
  • Henri Bendel Coin Purse (charger and headphones inside)
  • Gucc


And That’s it! These are the items that are found in EVERY purse I’m carrying unless of course it’s a wallet on chain or a smaller belt bag. Other items you might find in my handbag depending on the day are some feminine hygiene products, gum/mints, a good notebook and of course whatever book I’m reading for those days where I’m traveling and a tote is over my shoulder! For those of you as curious as me I hope you found that as interesting as me.  Comment below with one thing we both carry in our everyday handbags and one unusual thing that can always be found in yours!

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Happy Wednesday: My Favorite Bendel Bag



It should come as no shock to anyone that I’m a huge Henri Bendel fan! I mean come on they made me an official Bendel Girl last year and gifted me with what is now my favorite Bendel bag, The Jetsetter Convertible Backpack! A bag that can be a top handle tote, a crossbody messenger AND a backpack – perfect for travel and everyday; how can it not be one’s favorite!

When Henri Bendel first welcomed me to the family last year they did so with this beautiful Jetsetter Backpack and at the time I didn’t love the bag as much as I do now.  I mean don’t get me wrong I thought it was super cute and versatile but I didn’t realize how perfect it would be in my life! This backpack is perfect for road trips and flights as well as everyday life and of course work. I was completely bummed when I missed the collection of all leather jetsetter backpacks and with the terrible news of Henri Bendel closing it’s doors forever I can only hope I’ll find one!

What’s your favorite bag and should I do a What’s in my Bendel Backpack?


Bag Spill- What’s Inside My Henri Bendel Rivington Mini Convertible Tote


The contents of a women’s blog are sacred!  Ok well not really but you can always find the necessities and then there’s those things that are pretty much never reached for but still have a place in the handbag! I’ve recently switched over from carrying my Henri Bendel Jetsetter Backpack to carrying my Henri Bendel Rivignton Mini Convertible Tote and the size difference is pretty intense which means the contents of my bag are definitely minimized!


First let’s get into the details of this bag!  I must say my Rivington Mini Tote is without a doubt one of my favorite handbags!  I love that the bag can be worn cross body for those on the go, hands full moments and still has the top handle option for when you want a more chic look!  I of course purchased the bag in black because as we know I love a handbag that matches EVERYTHING! This handbag is made of a grainy leather and is lined with a chocolate satin.  The inside has one back zipper and two small pockets in the front and has a detachable clutch which is what you see on the front with the turnlock.  Just pull the two zipper tabs down you’ve taken it from a daytime satchel to a nighttime clutch in seconds!


My Handbag Essentials

Regardless of what bag I’m carrying these items are ALWAYS inside!

  1. Henri Bendel Black Leather Card Holder
  2. Henri Bendel Coin Purse 
  3. Louis Vuitton 6 Ring Key Holder – Monogrammed with Rose Ballerina Interior 
  4. Kate Spade Business Card Holder
  5. Olay Hand Cream
  6. 3 in 1 Coconut Oil Chapstick
  7. Henri Bendel Neroli and Mandarin Perfume (OBSESSED!!!)
  8. Mac Cosmetics Studio Fix Powder Foundation
  9. Gucci Sunglasses 

What are your handbag essentials?