Cultivating the Perfect Capsule Wardrobe

I’d like to think we’ve recently began entering the time of simplistic and minimalistic living.  Whether that’s in our home décor, our food selection, our way of living or our wardrobe. Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about building a capsule wardrobe.  A collection of pieces that are so versatile, they can be taken from day to night and even from Summer to Fall.  I’ve spoken time and time again about having pieces in your wardrobe that are basic necessities.  Pieces that are simple and easily create a look!


If you don’t know too much about a Capsule Wardrobe the basis is this; a collection of essential items of clothing that will always remain in style.  Pieces that can be paired together seasonally and situationally to create timeless looks.  Essentially shopping for style not necessarily trends and creating a wardrobe from those pieces.  These are pieces you want to make sure are quality – perhaps instead of buying the basic white t-shirt from Forever 21, purchase it from Zara. If you’re interested in what pieces I think are needed to cultivate a simple and versatile capsule wardrobe then keep reading because I’m breaking down my 25 pieces needed to create the perfect (and perhaps somewhat Parisian) capsule wardrobe.  


























I hope this was helpful for those of you looking to cultivate your perfect capsule wardrobe and remember ladies; when shopping for the basics for your wardrobe remember that a “basic” is something you can wear over and over again, something that is easily paired with items you already own, and is a staple in fashion (and your wardrobe) not a trend!



5 Things Living with My Partner Before Marriage has Taught Me

Depending on who you ask living with your partner can be a huge NO NO, my mother wasn’t fully for it when I told her and my father I was going to move in with Jeff and my dad (although he didn’t want his baby girl to leave the nest) thought it would be a great idea.  Some people say it’s terrible for many reasons, religion, romance etc but I personally couldn’t fathom marrying someone I’ve never lived with.  My older brother told me that I’ll begin to really learn Jeff when I live with him.  The little things I never saw before that I will inevitably hate and little things I’ll love.  Living with someone everyday of your life is a lot different then staying with someone Thursday night through Monday morning.  If you’re interested in the 5 things living with my partner before marriage has taught me then keep reading!

1.One of us will be the clean one. Now when I say clean, that doesn’t mean the other is “dirty” I’d use the word messy.  Luckily in our apartment I’d say Jeff and I both have our little quirks, We both have our own laundry hampers yet always have a pile of clothes on the floor midway through the week, Jeff doesn’t change the roll of toilet paper and I will almost always leave an empty glass on the coffee table, (and I never take out the trash) That’s Jeff’s job for sure! But always remember when living with your partner – the little things you two both do now, you’ll more than likely still do in 10 years so make sure nothing is a deal breaker and if you’re the messy one(more so me) you’ll always be the messy one!

2.You will both complain about hair being everywhere.  Jeff has dreads (and very curly hair) and I am naturally with very curly hair.  For me wash day is every Sunday and is a complete task of prepooing, shampooing, conditioning (twice) detangling and of course styling.  It’s a whole ordeal and although Jeff isn’t getting is hair done every week we both inevitably have little curly cues EVERYWHERE! they have literally taken over the apartment which makes vacuuming a must! He will always say my hair is clogging both the shower and sink drain (because it probably is) and he will always have little curly pieces of hair in the carper, and couch and bed for that matter! it will continue for the rest of time.

3.Storage Space Wars! Listen I definitely have more shoes and maybe even clothes than Jeff but I am very good with my storage of said wardrobe items and him not so much.  I like to see everything, I like it to be hanging and I like my shoes to be placed perfectly on my shelf, turn to Jeff’s side of the closet and well, there’s clothes and shoes and shopping bags, and overnight bags! Best thing I’ve learned form this aspect of living together?  When we buy a house make sure it has His and Hers closets!

4. You’re not cooking dinner for just yourself anymore! Grocery shopping and meal planning and cooking dinner isn’t just about you!  Luckily Jeff is pretty adventurous in his food as I am I and we’re always into trying new recipes (enter my Pinterest Food Board) But cooking for a 200+ lb man is definitely something I’ve had to adjust too.  I like to have left overs so I tend to cook way more than food for the two of us for dinner and lunch the next day but I’ve definitely learned that I do have to keep in mind when I’m planning and cooking dinner!

5.Just because you live together doesn’t mean you’ll see each other all the time.  Jeff and I have almost opposite schedules.  My schedule is always the same I work Monday-Friday 8:30Am to 5PM and Jeff’s changing weekly.  He’s almost always 10AM-7PM on Mondays, and either 9AM-6Pm or 11AM-8PM the rest of the week with an alternating Saturday schedule.  Me being a creature of habit (and a creature who likes my sleep) I am always almost sleep or at least in bed by 9:30PM which really only gives Jeff and I an hour together during the week.  Then enter Saturdays when he’s working I see him when he gets home around 7PM and Sundays are our days to have fun (unless it’s football season of course) Just because you’re now living with someone doesn’t mean you’ll now see them way more often than before!

Living with your partner is way more fun than living with a room mate! It’s not as bas as some people try to make it seem.  You’ll definitely get annoyed at times and learn things that you’ll probably hate for the rest of your life but it’s not that serious! Truthfully Jeff knew I was messy BEFORE I moved in with him so there was no surprise that I left cups around when I moved in! Everything is pretty much the same as before we lived together except now He comes home to me everyday and I have a pretty awesome “roommate”


5 Things You Can do to Create an Everyday Luxurious Life


Everyday can be a struggle to keep the pep in your step but it doesn’t have to.  There are simple things we can do in everyday life that will help make things a little more luxurious and fun!  From relaxing with a glass of wine to a little evening workout session, I’m sharing 5 things I think we can all do everyday to create a more luxurious life!

1.Cook At Home

For those like me this is a no brainer. I love to cook and be in the kitchen, meal planning and creating a fun dinner is something I truly enjoy ( just check out my pinterest page!). Cooking at home doesn’t have to be a difficult thing either, sauté some chicken and cut up tomatoes, cook some pasta and mix it all together. You have dinner in 20 minutes, you’ve certainly saved some money and you’ve done something in the comfort of your own home! Pour a glass of wine and relax.

2. Know the Difference Between Being Busy and Being Productive

Nothing is worse than coming home and feeling completely exhausted because you’ve filled every minute of your day. Just because you’ve constantly been doing something all day doesn’t mean you’ve been productive. Create a daily list of what you’re doing, then figure out why you’re doing it and what you can cut out. Let go of being busy, be productive and live a life you enjoy!

3. Wear Lingerie Everyday

One thing I’ve always noticed is when I get new undergarments there’s always an extra pep in my step and I feel great! Wearing lingerie everyday is only for the women wearing it! Remember when you feel good and a little sexy then you smile a little more and inevitably you’ll exude positivity and happiness. I’m not saying run out and buy a bunch of La Perla but you can easily cultivate quite the collection over time! A little here and a little there!

4. End Your Night with a Glass of Your Favorite Wine

Now some people might argue that a glass of wine each day is excessive, I’d have to disagree, especially if you’re capping it at one glass however maybe 3 nights a week is more your speed.  The point is pour yourself a glass of something you like, light your favorite scented candles ( mine are Mahogany Teakwood and Peony), sit back and relax.  Give yourself time to reflect on the day and indulge.

5. Design a Workout Regimen You Look Forward to 

I’m not and never have been the girl who will go to a 6Am kickboxing class or a 7PM Zumba class.  That just isn’t me and I’ve come to realize that isn’t ideal for a lot of women so why not design your own regimen?  Something that is perfect for you – perhaps every night for 30 minutes in the comfort if your living room you do yoga or a quick cardio or even weights.  I’ve often been told that after a great workout you feel energized, happy and of course a little exhausted but all in all pretty great, don’t you want that feeling everyday?!


What are 5 things you do to create an everyday luxurious life?