The Twenty Something Girl’s Guide to Living Life; Take Care of Yourself

Now listen girls, I know what you’re thinking; ok this is going to be a boring one but I am beyond serious when I say taking care of yourself is one thing most twenty something girls just don’t do, trust me I know we don’t.

Whether it’s not drinking enough water everyday, Drinking a little to much of that Whiskey Sour on Saturday night, Not washing your make up off before bed when you stroll in the apartment at 3Am or even just ignoring your body when it’s telling you something is wrong you must take care of yourself.

This past weekend and yes when I say this past weekend I mean NYE I was admitted into the ER.  For years I’ve had this breathing issue that I always kind of just ignored (never ignore an issue with your body especially one like breathing) (I am an idiot) and on top of that I have the Sickle Cell Trait which is no fun at all AND I am anemic.  What does that mean Stay Hydrated or die basically and what’s the one thing I hate to drink? Water. So on Saturday I go into the ER after a really bad incident of chest tightness and being short of breath; A few hours, scans, tests and x rays later I find out at 24 years old I have asthma. When I was younger I thought I had asthma for this same problem but after just talking to a doctor she brushed it off.

Now I am forced to take steroids for the next 7 days and carry a pump with me 24/7 – so not perfect for my mini bag trend I always follow. But hey! A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right?!

I will be 100%transparent with you though in saying this ER/Asthma situation has somewhat forced me to look at things through a different scope and take my life and health a lot more serious. I am promising myself that going into this new year I will drink nothing but water and the occasional glass of wine or cocktail in the evening, I’m thinking yoga Saturday Mornings and an at home work out 3 day a week after work, I am also planning on eating a lot healthier.  All in all one of my main goals of 2017 is to just take better care of myself and maintain a happy and health life! Especially as a twenty something girl!

How do you maintain your health and what do you do to take care of yourself? I’d love to know!