4 Effortless Outfit Combinations

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it, the best outfits come from effortless pieces that are already hiding in your wardrobe! Cultivating the perfect wardrobe is all about having the basics; Tailored Blazers, Neutrals, Bottoms that fit (etc; you’ve read the posts, you already know). What I’m really saying here is no matter what your wardrobe looks like; everyone has the basics pieces … Continue reading 4 Effortless Outfit Combinations

Habits of Effortlessly Stylish Women

A stylish woman is not just a woman who follows fashion trends. Remember trends fade but a fashion sense is long living! I’m talking about the woman who effortlessly gets dressed in the morning and leaves woman saying “that looks great!” or “how stylish is she?”. That is the woman who truly embodies style, effortlessly with sophistication and elegance. Not everyone is born being that … Continue reading Habits of Effortlessly Stylish Women

Black is ALWAYS a Great Idea

Shop My Look Here Like many fashion girls, I have two completely different moods. 1. Color, Color & More Color and 2. Head to Toe Black! I live for an all black look, I love the clean and chic appearance that all black gives. A few weeks ago while meeting a girlfriend for a socially distant lunch I opted for these black denim wide legged … Continue reading Black is ALWAYS a Great Idea

A Plaid Skirt and 19 Year Old Boots

If Blair Waldorf taught me anything it was; 1. A headband can make an outfit 2. Plaid skirts aren’t just for high school! And I learned from Pretty Woman that boots can be an outfit making wardrobe pieces! Well the other day I combined two characters I love and this killer look was the result! Would you guys believe my mother purchased these boots back … Continue reading A Plaid Skirt and 19 Year Old Boots

Black Blazers and Snake Skin Heels

I’m not really doing much of Girl’s Night Out lately with everything going on but that doesn’t mean I’m not taking every opportunity to put together a great outfit for when things get back to normal for me! I thought to myself a few weeks ago I want to take a basic denim and white tank look and elevate with some simple pieces from my … Continue reading Black Blazers and Snake Skin Heels