Get Her Look; Adrienne Bailon

Of course we all love those days, and nights wen we can look cute yet still be super comfortable! Former Cheetah Girl Adrienne Bailon knows how to do just that.  Today I decided to recreate the look below because we all love a good boyfriend jean dressed up for a good time!
This look is perfect for almost any relaxed occasion.  Take a distressed boyfriend jean and pair it with a plain white tank, throw a flannel around your wast some accessories and a classic pump for a little edge and VOILA! you’re ready to hit the town!Get Her Look; Adrienne Bailon

What are your thoughts on this Adrienne Bailon look?
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Trend Alert!!! (cue police sirens) there is a new trend that is definitely here to stay and that is the mini bag! I promise you’ve been seeing smaller purses everywhere- it’s being done by all of our favorite designers and worn by all of our favorite celerities.

Now if you’re one of those girls who likes to carry your entire life in your purse than sadly maybe this trend just isn’t for you.  I have a small collection of these mini purses and in mine all I keep is a card holder (luckily mine has a a zipper for cash and change), my EOS egg, whatever lipstick/gloss I’m wearing for the day, my phone charger, sunglasses and a small hand lotion- my keys are attached to a fur pom that attaches to my bag! Trust me ladies there’s something wonderful about hearing your phone ringing and not having to dig and dig to find it! Designers like Dior, Fendi, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and many more apparently agree with me because they have caught not o the trend and taken it further than we thought it would’ve gone!

OP fendy peekabo

Olivia Palermo with the Fendi Peekaboo MINI

chiara mini kelly

Blogger Chiara Ferragni  of The Blonde Salad with the Hermes Kelly MINI

KK mini alma

Kourtney Kardashian with a Louis Vuitton Alma MINI

aimee song chloe drew mini

Aimee Song with the Chloe Drew

Ladies you can find this trend everywhere from a Coach and Michael Kors to your nearest H&M or Forever21 so hop on it!

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Draya Michele; A Mogul is Made


Now everyone knows who Draya Michele is and if you don’t then you’ve been living under a rock!  Draya Michele; Model, Reality Television STAR, and Designer.  This beautiful woman is much more than a pretty face and bangin body and let’s not get confused she’s definitely not the ratchet drama starting reality tv star that many may assume.

Now back in 2011 I had no idea who Draya Michele was until the first episode of Basketball Wives LA which was a spin off of Basketball Wives; a show following the lives of a few “Basketball Wives” almost none of which were really married.  I’d like to think this was the beginning Draya’s rise to becoming a mogul and yes I am calling Draya Michele a mogul.  Through the fights, the friendships, the drama and the smiles Draya maintained that although yes she was on the show, being a reality star wouldn’t be her legacy and wouldn’t be what she was remembered for.  From her first appearance on the show Draya knew what her intentions were and that was to use her knew platform as a catalyst to capitalize off of her knew found brand.

Not long after the first episode of BBWLA aired Draya launched her first business endeavor, clothing line Fine Ass Girls and  everything sold like hot cakes!  If my memory serves correct Draya released and sold out of her line Fine Ass Girls in less than one week.  In the beginning the line consisted of one size fits all oversized crops and sweat suits stamped with the Fine Ass Girls logo and of course an array of skulls.

Fine Ass Girls soon expanded to include everything from work out gear to clothing that’s perfectly acceptable for a girls night out and believe me when I say, Fine Ass Girls everywhere loved the line!


A few years later Draya released Mint Swim and women everywhere were instantly drawn to her swim line.  Sexy one pieces and eye catching two pieces that just keep getting better and better even today, Mint Swim was the perfect move after Fine Ass Girls. Throughout her designing days she was still filming BBWLA and we were front row to her launches!

c7bee55f58a06a91bda13fbd6ca18cc8 drayamintswim

With celebrities like; Chantel Jeffries, Zendaya Coleman, Christina Milian, Mercedeh Allen and many more many of us wanted to get our hands on Mint Swim more and more.  This collection definitely reflects Draya’s chic and extremely sexy style.  With the release of Mint Swims first installment we were given an array of colors and patterns, with the second we were given a slightly more mature set of suits with a lot more black and sold colors, cut outs and one pieces and now we have a larger selection of sizes, as well as suits for every woman, children and sexy cover ups.

chantel jeff cM mint mercedeh_draya zendaya-coleman-instagram-mint-swim-bikini

Now that she has model, reality star and designer of not one but TWO very successful lines under her belt Draya is moving on to add yet another notch on her belt.  Actress, for those of you who follow dray on snap chat and/or instagram then you’ve seen Draya on set running lines with many celebrities that we know.  Looks like this Mogul has a lot more in store for us and I’m definitely here for it!

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