New Home Decor

Recently Jeff and I have begun having the conversation of getting a place together when his lease is up.  I’m excited to be taking that next step in our relationship and can’t wait to decorate!  Anyone who knows me knows I live for posts on looking inside the most beautiful homes and apartments of bloggers and many more! While I tend to lean more toward neutrals and monochromatic looks I must say I have been itching to decorate our place a little more edgy! – well at least the living room.

The 3 rooms that are the most important to me are the bedroom because I need our resting place to be not only appealing to the eye but relaxing and refreshing, our living room because this is where we will entertain and more than likely spend most of our time and lastly the kitchen, kitchens have always been a big deal to me I don’t think that needs explaining. I’ve brought up that I would like a 2 bedroom for my inspiration/blogger room of course Jeff would rather the second room be a man cave! But as I’ve begun my journey of finding us the perfect place I’ve delved more into home decor and interior design and I’m having the time of my life.

The Bedroom

Ideally I would like for our bedroom to be a combination of dark wood and white bedding.  In my opinion this gives a clean and classic feel to the room, I’ve always been a fan of white bedding feeling they it gives a very refreshing sense to every morning.

The Living Room

Now my dream living room would have brick wall and a powder pink couch however in Orlando brick walls are hard to come by and Jeff would not allow a powder pink couch in our home.  I think just as in the bedroom the living room needs to be just as clean and refreshing as a space however I think this is the room that should be fun and have some eye catching decor.


The Kitchen

Now Jeff and I both cook and there’s nothing worse than cooking in an uninspiring and frankly not very pretty kitchen. Now that goes beyond decor you really have to find a place with a nice kitchen but decor and knowing what you want can help a lot!  I’m torn between very modern dark and sleek kitchen and a bright country style kitchen.


In a nutshell I am beyond excited to move in with Jeff and equally excited to be an interior designer with our first place!


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The Twenty Something Girl’s Guide to Living Life Series; Know Your Personal Style

“I really get inspired by stylish girls around the world that I see on the street.  Colors, patterns, throughout my travels whatever catches my eye.”  – Olivia Palermo

In your twenties and especially as a twenty something girl you want to be one of those super stylish yet effortless looking girls, face it we all love “those girls” What do you really have to do to become one of those stylish girls everyone is always watching? You have to know your personal style and more importantly you have to know the difference between style and fashion! Anyone can know all the trends and the major labels but that really doesn’t mean anything if you can’t style them and make them your own.  What I’m really saying is this – Fashion is the Adidas sneakers, style is deciding to wear them with a little black dress and color blocked blazer.  Now you see what I’m saying?

Beyond styling things the way YOU want, knowing your personal style is about so much more! You have to own what you’re wearing.  If you’re confident and you walk down the street with that ” I know I look great” attitude then you can rock anything with that stylish and effortless look! It isn’t always about the complexity of a look , something really simple can always be something really fashionable.

Dress for yourself and DON’T follow every trend! Okay I know this is a little weird when I started this by talking about dressing like one of “those girls” but I only said that because deep down we are all one of “those girls”.  Not everyone is going to wear their sneakers with little black dress but I am and I’ll make it look great because when I’m dressing for myself I have confidence in my look. Some of the most stylish people out there don’t wake up in the morning and stress over putting together a fashionable look because they’re effortlessly stylish! Now on to the trends  – just remember this one thing.  The fashionable girl follows every trend while the stylish girl is simply aware of every trend. 

Remember this Twenty Something Girl, draw inspiration from everywhere, flip though every magazine, pay attention to ads, watch your favorite bloggers and grab pieces that you love, strut with confidence and most importantly know it WILL take you time to develop your personal style!


What’s New

Lately I’ve had this growing obsession with skin care.  It’s becoming a slight problem, eye creams and seaweed night creams, Mario Badescu, Burts Bee and so much more, my collection is every growing!  I will say I am absolutely proud of myself for nailing down on a Morning and Night skincare routine!  If you want to see those products then head over to my Instagram Daniellemonee.

This post is dedicated to the new new! I recently purchased two new skin care products and thus far I am loving them!

the new new

The Skin Food Black Sugar Mask is the perfect gritty scrub to exfoliate the face.  As I use this on m face I can literally feel the dead skin being exfoliated away.  Instantly you’re left with a softer feeling face!  With this mask you must be gentle however!  Another purchase of mine was the Pacifica Glow Baby Youthful Face Scrub.  Although the smell of this scrub isn’t as calming as the Black Sugar Mask  his certainly assist in maintaining a youthful glow! With a wet face, move the scrub around in circular motions washing off with warm water! I do a mask 3 times a week and a scrub every other night before bed and I am beyond excited to add these two into the rotation!