Casual Days and Denim Shorts

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I know this look should really be all about the clothes and I love a casual Spring day spent in denim shorts but I really want to talk to you about manifestation! A few months back a good friend of mine woke me up with a text saying there was something in the stars and to write out a list of everything I wanted to accomplish in 2021.

5 Brand Collaborations were on that list – 1 being a shoe collab and then in February I received an email about becoming a ShoeDazzle Ambassador. Of course I jumped at the opportunity! The idea of working with a brand that I already love and my manifestation list manifesting right before my eyes makes me so happy. I say this to say, ladies and gents ; whatever you want in life – write it out and believe in it!

2 thoughts on “Casual Days and Denim Shorts

  1. Yes, I’ve really been experimenting with manifestation over the last couple of months and if with nothing else, I think it really provides us with a positive mindset that lets us believe we can achieve anything we want to!
    Lovely photos too:)

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