At Home with Warby Parker

I am all about accessorizing, I mean really, who isn’t? So naturally when I found out about Warby Parker I ran straight to their website and instantly was in glasses heaven.

Here’s a little back story, I have been wearing glasses since the fourth grade! Now let that sink in – I graduated college in 2014 and I did an extra semester! So yes I have been wearing glasses for quite some time although in high school I did make the move to contacts.  I must say though I am such a fan of a funky pair of glasses- I currently have two pairs that I swap out and now I’m on the hunt for a third!

One amazing thing about Warby Parker ( other than their great selection ) is their at home program that allows you to choose 5 pairs you simply love – or just thin you love and they ship them to you free of charge! Yes I said FREE!  You have the glasses for 5 days to wear and waltz around in just to be sure you love them.  When you find a pair you can’t live without and you send all 5 pairs back just let them know which pair you like and your prescription and the order is made!

If you’re interested in seeing the 5 pairs I chose for my At Home Try on then keep scrolling!

The Casey


The Haskell


The Kimball


The Laurel


The Roland

roland espresso

The Pair I am simply obsessing over is the Laurel in the Espresso Tortoise.  Weirdly of all the glasses I’ve had in my life I have never had a Tortoise Shell pair and I am simply obsessed!

Another great thing about Warby Parker is their prices! The frames I’ve seen on the site go for $95.00 and $145.00 If you’re getting a Single Vision Lens like me then your price stays at just that! If you’re looking to get a Progressive Lens then you had $200.

Is this not one of the greatest concepts you have ever heard? Especially for trying on glasses!  Tell me what pair you love the most and I definitely want to know if you decided to try some pairs at home!


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