Who Is. What Is. DVMN PIGEON

“I pledge alligence to a new era of decadence en darkness.  One hero to inspire, enlighten and change.  Damn Pigeon is and forever will be living history”

We all know who SIYA is and with her comes DVMN PIGEON but exactly what is the background behind the brand? Who created it?

Fresh out of my city, New York; DVMN PIGEON is a street brand.  Via the brand’s official website it is said to have been inspired by the greats;” Karl Lagerfeld, Jean Paul Gaultier and Rei Kawakubo with that funky, edgy Jeremy Scott twist”

When I see DVMN PIGEON I see individuality and street edge.  The pieces scream street wear with an different, upscale, high fashion twist.  Take a pair of joggers (street wear) and take a trend like patchwork, mix the two and a normal jogger now has an upscale yet still original and individual feel.  It’s not just about the piece it’s about the patterns, the placement and the look as a whole and the creators behind DVMN PIGEON seem to understand that.

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Not all designers have the ability to have a brand as a whole that has individual pieces that appeal to all kinds of people.  Lead designer/Founder Eddie Knox and the entire DVMN PIGEON team are nothing short of innovators within the fashion industry and I am completely here for it!


Looks like I’m not the only one.. Some Young faces we’ve seen in DVMN PIGEON are; of course SIYA, Zendaya Coleman, J. Cole and so many more.  Let’s keep it real though! Log onto the site and you’ll see why; Joggers, Headgear, Sweatshirts and so much more..  I’m Fckn with it!


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Zendaya Coleman


J. Cole