Celebrity Spotlight;; WNBA Star Tamera Young

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“I was taught first impressions are lasting impressions”

Over the past few months I’ve been following Chicago Sky player Tamera Young and have been captivated by her sense of style.  What first caught my eye was how you can tell she’s comfortable in way she wears but pretty much never “takes a day off” Whether she’s dressed up or dressed down, she coordinates and still manages to look put together.


 I was lucky enough to speak on fashion and style with this young lady and this is what she had to say!

On what style is to Tamera: What style is to me is the ability to have a noticeable look that describes my own character and personality. I don’t follow trends I set them. “Dare to be different.” I was taught first impressions are lasting impressions, so I like to always be presentable when I’m getting dressed.  There are different styles depending on the groups of people you can attract and I like to have different styles where I can please any group and still be comfortable. Not wanting to wear something I would regret later that doesn’t look right on me. I like to wear what I feel best in but also looks nice with my size and physique. I believe style is a mode of expression


On what inspires Tamera: No one in particular inspires me with my style.  I get looks and pieces from various people and put my own simple touch.  I believe your shoes can make the whole outfit. You can have an old outfit and revamp it with fresh shoes and it will make a big difference than wearing dirty shoes with a new outfit.


Looking at the photos alone you can see why Tamera Young is featured as the Fashion Dazee’d Celebrity Spotlight!

xoxo Danielle Mone


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